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This is a question Teenage Crushes - Part Two

Freddie Woo writes: I've still got weird feelings for a well-known female TV presenter from the 1980s. I'm now in my forties, work in the same building as her and she follows me on a number of social networking sites. And now, she knows about it.

Tell us about the teenage crushes that still make you go wobbly.

(, Thu 5 Nov 2009, 11:04)
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ahh... timing.
Yes, I too had teenage crushes on inappropriately aged musicians and post hoc analysis suggests long blonde hair was a key factor.
Now that I think about it, the two main teenage crushes that I actually knew also had long blonde hair.

The first was a friend at that early teenage stage when you've just realised that boys might not actually have cooties and might instead be rather cute. This crush never went anywhere because we moved in and out of each other's friend zones at times that never matched.

The second was also a friend who I didn't realise was interested until after I'd come running to him to tell him how wonderful my new boyfriend was... oops :/ What made it even worse was that the wonderful new boyfriend turned out to be an arsehole control freak (with short brown hair, surely there's something in this?) and the friend warned me and I didn't believe him :(

The running theme with my crushes (there's more, I just don't want to bore you too much) is, ignoring the hair, that I am completely unable to notice when someone is interested until it's too late.

So there's two conclusions I can draw here; the moral of the story is either: 1. I should go with my instincts and only date men with long blonde hair, or 2. I need an independent review board to point out when someone's interested and vet them for me.

I think the first one is easier to work out, pity it's not the 90's anymore :/
(, Tue 10 Nov 2009, 5:25, 5 replies)
The strange yearning for the long blond hair dropped me in it too
I had a long on/off relationship with the most horrendously socially inept petty criminal. Played havoc with my life until he had the decency to visit the barber.
(, Tue 10 Nov 2009, 9:11, closed)
Just to make sure there's no misunderstanding; I'm not interested in you.

(, Tue 10 Nov 2009, 9:41, closed)
Oh, you're safe, it was just the one blond-haired dickhead.
Dickhead, his name was.
(, Tue 10 Nov 2009, 9:52, closed)
I'm the same...
Since school, people have told me how others 'fancied' me at school, I was oblivious, and always seemed to be the 'good friend'!
(, Tue 10 Nov 2009, 9:53, closed)
The sad thing is
I'm getting close to 30 now and I'm still oblivious.

Can't guys just carry neon signs around with them that flash with "yes" or "no" when they look at you?
(, Wed 11 Nov 2009, 22:37, closed)

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