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This is a question The Great Outdoors

Deskbound says: Camping! Hiking! Other stuff that's not indoors! Regale us with your tales of the great outdoors, whether it involves being rogerred by the Scout Master or skinning your first rabbit.

(, Thu 29 Mar 2012, 14:49)
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An apology.
I quite enjoy camping and go camping quite a lot. I understand the unwritten rules of the campsite and adhere to them to the best of my abilities. This includes respect for your fellow campers.
Anyway, I am now of that age when I, often as not, have to get up in the night to answer a call of nature. However , I am also young enough to still wake up with the occasional raging hard-on. This night, both circumstances apply and my main aim is to get to the bog as quickly and as quietly as possible. However, my tent is small and in the clumsy struggle to put on my trousers and exit the tent there is what can only be described as a cock-zip coming together. Which the zip won.
Therefore, if you were staying at the Fairgrounds campsite in Eskdale, Cumbria on the night of September 30th last year and were woken in the night by shrill Anglo-Saxon cursing, I am truly sorry.
(, Sun 1 Apr 2012, 18:55, 4 replies)
what exactly are we looking at?
Is it the frank or the beans?
(, Sun 1 Apr 2012, 21:53, closed)
Tiny knick..
..on bellend!
(, Sun 1 Apr 2012, 22:34, closed)

(, Mon 2 Apr 2012, 10:51, closed)

(, Mon 2 Apr 2012, 16:59, closed)

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