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This is a question Sticking it to The Man

From little victories over your bank manager to epic wins over the law - tell us how you've put one over authority. Right on, kids!

Suggestion from Sandettie Light Vessel Automatic

(, Thu 17 Jun 2010, 16:01)
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I went to Hell.
Well, Hell Pizza.

They didn't deliver my food after forty-five minutes, and my ladies' house is about 5 minutes drive from their shop.

Called them, got called back saying it'd be there soon. It wasn't, called again, got told the delivery dude was outside the door. He wasn't. Called again, got told he's definitely there this time and has a voucher for a free pizza as an apology.
My lady collected the pizza downstairs and there was no voucher.

I called back and they refunded a quite large pizza order (about forty dollars).

I was really happy about the free food... I'm not used to complaining. New Zealand folk aren't known for complaining.

And that was how I stuck it to Hell. Sorta. They refunded my money anyway.

(, Mon 21 Jun 2010, 14:05, 7 replies)
Ah yeah
Hell Pizza. Love them. But NZ pizzas can be a bit weird with their flavour combinations anyway!
(, Mon 21 Jun 2010, 14:46, closed)
Sheep in sheep sauce with a side order of sheep?

(, Mon 21 Jun 2010, 16:20, closed)
but you don't want to know what sheep sauce is...

It's more they put weird things on like peanut butter and beetroot and shit.
(, Mon 21 Jun 2010, 16:41, closed)
Peanut butter's OK
It's the other two I don't like the sound of.
(, Tue 22 Jun 2010, 16:10, closed)
Chicken satay pizza.
Or chicken avocado and salsa pizza.
Or the dessert pizzas! Banana and milk/white chocolate whips with custard sauce.

Fucking brilliant mostly, but the Symonds Street branch in Auckland has a fucking terrible (earned) reputation for order fuckups and general poor service.
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 16:32, closed)
Yeah! Imagine combining Fruit and Meat in one dish.
Like Ham and erm I dunno ... pineapple?


/new series of IT Crowd starts this friday/
(, Wed 23 Jun 2010, 12:40, closed)
Hell is theee
best takeaway pizza I have ever wrapped my chops around. I love it so much I looked into starting a UK franchise, but it was too expensive :(

Dominos can get tae fook!!
(, Tue 22 Jun 2010, 0:53, closed)

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