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This is a question Conspiracy theory nutters

I keep getting collared by a bloke who says that the war in Afghanistan is a cover for our Illuminati Freemason Shapeshifting Lizard masters to corner the market in mind-bending drugs. "It's true," he says, "I heard it on TalkSport". Tell us your stories of encounters with tinfoil hatters.

Thanks to Davros' Granddad

(, Thu 27 Aug 2009, 13:52)
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Crazy Bus Lady
Anyone who has spent time traveling up and down Oxford Road in Manchester must at some point have come across this lady. She hands out pieces of paper covered in incoherent ramblings and random bits of photocopied letters. From speaking to her i have managed to work out that her husband left her, taking her sons (who are currently at the university in manchester) and then she was sectioned or something like that. Then she was in hospital and at this point the masons wanted her dead. Apparently they tried to kill her twice. Also she got hit by a bus once, and the driver was also in the masons she told me. Quite often now when on the bus it will stop and let someone off, and you will hear 5 seconds of insane preaching through the door before the driver thinks sod this and closes the door on her. She has a facebook and has featured in student direct more than once.
(, Thu 27 Aug 2009, 15:06, 3 replies)
I live in Mancland,
and shall certainly look out for her.

Do you remember Carol the mad poet? She was definitely mentally ill, and used to go round all the cafes in the city centre handing out small photocopied tracts of obscure ramblings. Not seen her for ages, hope she's okies, we always bought her a brew.
(, Thu 27 Aug 2009, 17:25, closed)
Once approached my mates who were playing a gig later on that night and handed them a hand-written sign that said 'band?' and proceeded to communicate with them (about normal everyday stuff really) using these little notes for, oh, about 45 minutes.

That fucking buswoman used to do my nut in, think she's banned from ze buses now. Fuck her, the madface.
(, Thu 27 Aug 2009, 17:57, closed)
is still up to her old tricks. saw her recently when she was he guest on a radio show being aired from the Castle pub on oldham street (reopened and now excellent)
(, Thu 27 Aug 2009, 18:23, closed)

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