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This is a question Conspiracy theory nutters

I keep getting collared by a bloke who says that the war in Afghanistan is a cover for our Illuminati Freemason Shapeshifting Lizard masters to corner the market in mind-bending drugs. "It's true," he says, "I heard it on TalkSport". Tell us your stories of encounters with tinfoil hatters.

Thanks to Davros' Granddad

(, Thu 27 Aug 2009, 13:52)
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was at a birthday party a few weeks ago and bumped into the brother of someone I know.

He's about 25 years old and sadly, is completely off his rocker. I'm quite a cynic and will make decisions about things based on things that happen to me, but this bloke would take anything you said and believe it above all else. Tell him that the Police force is made deliberatly made up of racists so that the government can get rid of all Asians in the country, and he'll believe it until the day he dies.

To give you some idea, I've just found his facebook page; his statuses are as such, in order:

"open your eyes; swine flu is the next false flag attack"
"Alternative perception"
"Infinite Consciousness is the only truth, everything else is illusion's Wall."
"Say no to the vaccine"
"7/7 was an inside job"
"Boycott the mainstream media"

...and so on.

At this party he was relentless. I popped outside to have a smoke and he was there - coked up to the nines and speaking at the speed of sound.

In the 10 mins I was outside smoking, I learned that the Jews rule the world, the Rockerfeller family were implanted into the US to ensure that Britain could keep an eye on things, everything breaks down into fractals (I made the fatal mistake of actually interjecting a question at this point about Mandelbrot) and the world around us is an illusion, something about Gaza (although what old footballers have to do with the New World Order is beyond me), how the holocaust, whislt it did apparently happen, it didn't happen on the scale *they* would have us believe, again I made the mistake of actually having read about some of the holocaust-denying websites, asking a question. The WTC was (obviously) carried out by the US government - when I asked why or what advantage it would give them, I was greeted with a knowing look and a slight nod of the head. The tyrade went on and on - until he said, "I like you, everyone else's eyes just glaze over when I start talking and they make excuses and leave".

That's when I said "I'd better go and speak to my girlfriend or she'll be mad that I've left her in there on her own."

I think the irony was lost on him to be honest.

He's about 25 years old. I'll grant you that some of his arguments were quite convincing as he'd clearly researched EVERYTHING to the n'th degree, but I can't help wondering which mental institution he's going to be at in about 10 years, and wether or not that will be because "they know I'm telling the truth. That's why they've locked me up in here...."
(, Fri 28 Aug 2009, 7:45, 7 replies)
Gaza and World Order?
Didn't they sing that 'Love's Got The World in Motion' song?
(, Fri 28 Aug 2009, 8:16, closed)
Can't you...
Feed him two conspiracy theories that directly contradict?
(, Fri 28 Aug 2009, 8:35, closed)
It sounds like fun
but I don't want to be responsible for putting him in that home 10 years before time!
(, Fri 28 Aug 2009, 9:47, closed)
Big boffer is twitching you
I like the caveat that he has obviously done his research to the N'th degree and that his arguements may hold some ground...... but he's still mental.
(, Fri 28 Aug 2009, 9:48, closed)
Seriously, what he says sounds very convincing - any argument (generally) you can come up with, he has a well researched answer for.

Most of what he spouts is bollocks, but he does back it up well.
(, Fri 28 Aug 2009, 10:17, closed)
what a nutter
I bet he's got, like, a computerised house or something mental like that...
(, Fri 28 Aug 2009, 13:37, closed)
Quite probably. That's for REAL nutters.
(, Fri 28 Aug 2009, 21:03, closed)

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