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This is a question Training courses, seminars and conferences

Inspirational or a waste of precious slacking-off time? I once went on a buzzword bingo-laden training course which ended up with my being held at gunpoint in public. Could have gone better, to be honest. Tell us your tales from either side of the lectern

(, Thu 15 Mar 2012, 15:01)
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All of the team leaders at my work were sent on a three day Course for stress management.
The course was for dealling with stress yourself and how to help people in your team to deal with stress. The next day back to work after the course, one of the team leaders phoned in sick, with stress.
(, Thu 15 Mar 2012, 17:03, 12 replies)
Not uncommon
people don't realise what they've been suffering from is, in fact, stress.

I think we'll be seeing many more cases like Intel v Daw in the near future.
(, Thu 15 Mar 2012, 17:08, closed)
I'm seeing the GP about that at the moment.
He puts me on something to help me cope with it. The side effects of nausea, tiredness, dry mouth, a knotted stomach, the shakes, dizziness and being unable to see straight hardly make it worth my time I reckon.
(, Thu 15 Mar 2012, 17:12, closed)
Your doctor's told you to binge drink every night?

(, Thu 15 Mar 2012, 17:24, closed)
I was about to say something very similar.
(, Thu 15 Mar 2012, 17:26, closed)
Would that were the case!

(, Thu 15 Mar 2012, 17:29, closed)
Just get pissed and blame it on medication then
Hey presto! Stress is gone!
(, Thu 15 Mar 2012, 21:32, closed)
Apparently I'm not allowed to drink for the next month.
Bugger that.
(, Thu 15 Mar 2012, 22:39, closed)

(, Thu 15 Mar 2012, 17:14, closed)
It's truly unfotunate
for the genuine sufferers, but it is really hard to tell stress from a work allergy.
(, Thu 15 Mar 2012, 19:54, closed)
The term you are looking for
is ergophobia.
(, Thu 15 Mar 2012, 23:36, closed)
Though irrational, borderline psychotic behaviour is a dead giveaway.

(, Fri 16 Mar 2012, 0:11, closed)
Good for 6 weeks off with pay
At many companies I work with. Legit causes include divorce, pressures of work, you name it...
(, Sat 17 Mar 2012, 9:04, closed)

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