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This is a question Tramps

Tramps, burn-outs and the homeless insane all go to making life that little bit more interesting.
Gather around the burning oil-drum and tell us your hobo-tales.

suggested by kaol

(, Thu 2 Jul 2009, 15:47)
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I apprended a ham-thieving tramp
in the Peterborough branch of Te$c0 Xpress a few weeks back. I went to do my weekly shop one night after work and as I was about to select some cold cuts for sandwiches, I looked down and noticed, aghast, there was a drunk tramp sat in the chiller cabinet eating ham from a packet. I shouted a security guard and the tramp promptly tried to leg it, stuffing the packet of open ham into his pocket. He was caught and the ham was removed from his person. Strange thing is, he stole Value range ham. Surely if you were going to nick some you'd steal the pricer stuff?
(, Sun 5 Jul 2009, 19:49, 3 replies)
You should have
left the poor tramp alone.
Let him enjoy his value ham.
(, Mon 6 Jul 2009, 4:06, closed)
I think he did the tramp a favour
No one should have to suffer Tesco Value ham. Especially in Peterborough, its a dump (I have the misfortune of having to work there :( bad times).
(, Mon 6 Jul 2009, 13:53, closed)
A Tesco employee
of my acquaintance told me last night that the only real difference between the value and the pricier stuff is the packaging.
(, Tue 7 Jul 2009, 16:23, closed)

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