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This is a question Trapped!

Pig Bodine asks: Where have you got stuck, trapped or tangled?

(, Fri 28 Feb 2014, 12:09)
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Seven o’clock in the morning
And the rays from the sun wakes me
I’m stretchin’ and yawnin’
In a bed that don’t belong to me
And a voice yells, “Good morning, darlin”, from the bathroom
Then she comes out and kisses me
And to my surprise, she ain’t you

Now I’ve got this dumb look on my face
Like, what have I done?
How could I be so stupid to have laid here til the morning sun?
Must have Lost the track of time
Oh, what was on my mind?
From the club, went to her home
Didn’t plan to stay that long

Here I am, quickly tryin’ to put on my clothes
Searching for my car keys
Tryin’ to get on up out the door
Then she stretched her hands in front of it
Said, “You can’t go this way”
Looked at her, like she was crazy
Said, “Woman move out my way”
Said, “I got a wife at home”
She said, “Please don’t go out there”
“Lady, I’ve got to get home”
She said, her husband was comin’ up the stairs

“Shh, shh, quiet
Hurry up and get in the closet”
She said, “Don’t you make a sound
Or some shit is going down”
I said, “Why don’t I just go out the window?”
“Yes, except for one thing, we on the 5th floor”
“Shit think, shit think, shit quick, put me in the closet”
And now I’m in this darkest closet, tryin’ to figure out
Just how I’m gonna get my crazy ass up out this house

Then he walks in and yells, “I’m home”
She says, “Honey, I’m in the room”
He walks in there with a smile on his face
Sayin’, “Honey, I’ve been missin’ you”
She hops all over him
And says, “I’ve cooked and ran your bath water”
I’m tellin’ you now, this girl’s so good that she deserves an Oscar

throws her in the bed
And start to snatchin’ her clothes off
I’m in the closet, like man, what the fuck is going on?
You’re not gonna believe it
But things get deeper as the story goes on
Next thing you know, a call comes through on my cell phone
I tried my best to quickly put it on vibrate
But from the way he act, I could tell it was too late
He hopped up and said, “There’s a mystery going on
And I’m gonna solve it”
And I’m like, “God please, don’t let this man open this closet”

He walks in the bathroom
And looks behind the door
She says, “Baby, come back to bed”
He says, “Bitch say no more”
He pulls back the shower curtain
While she’s biting her nails
Then he walks back to the room
Right now, I’m sweating like hell
Checks under the bed
Then under the dresser
He looks at the closet
I pull out my Beretta
He walks up to the closet
He goes up to the closet
Now he’s at the closet
Damn he’s opening the closet…


Now he’s staring at me like
As if he was starin’ in a mirror
She yells honey let me explain
He says you don’t have to go no further
I can clearly see what’s goin’ on
Behind my back, in my bed, in my home
Then I said wait a minute now hold on
I said mister we can work this out
She said honey don’t lose control
I tried to get him to calm down
He said hoe I should’ve known
That you would go and do some bogus shit up in my house
But the Christian in me gave you the benefit of the doubt
I said we need to resolve this
Then he stepped to me, I’m like whoa
There’s a reason I’m in this closet
He says, yeah what are you talkin’ close?
I met this girl at the Pagis club
And she told me she didn’t have a man
Then he said man please,
I’d kill you if you didn’t have that gun in ya hand
And then I said but yo chick chose me
He said don’t give me that mack shit please
His phone goes off and then things get a little more interesting
He steps a little closer
I point my gun and says I’m not the one you after
He says son I bet you didn’t know my man
Did she tell you that I was a pastor
I said well good that’s betta right,
Why can’t we handle this Christian- like?
And I started to put the gun down
Til I saw his face still had a frown
She started cryin’, sayin’ baby I’m sorry
Then he said baby not as sorry as you’re gonna be
I started inchin’ out
He says no I want you to see this
Said I gotta get out this house
He said not til I reveal my secret
I’m like what is goin’ on inside his head?
Then he takes his phone and calls somebody up and says
Hello, Baby, turn the car around
Listen I just need for you to get right back here now (Click)
He looks at me and says well since we’re all comin’ out the closet
I’m not about to be the only one that’s broken hearted
And she said what do you mean?
And he said just wait and see
I said somebody betta talk to me
And then his phone rings
He picks up and somebody says sweetheart I’m downstairs
And he’s like I’ll buzz you up
I’m on the fifth floor, hurry take the stairs
And I’m like who is this mystery lady that you’re talking to?
He says in time you both will know the shockin’ truth
Baby this is something I been wanting to get off my chest for a long, long time
Then I said nigga Imma shoot you both if you don’t say what’s on ya mind
He said wait I hear somebody comin’ up the stairs
And I’m lookin’ at the door
He says I think you betta sit down in the chair
I says I’m gonna’ count to four
1, he says mister wait
2, she says please don’t shoot
3, he says don’t shoot me
4, she screams
Then a knock on the door, the guns in my hands
He opens the door, I can't believe it's a man


Well, here we are the four of us,
in total shock me and her,
I close my mouth, and swallow spit,
as I'm thinking to myself this is some deep shit,
then I said so your gonna tell me he's the one
you've been talking to,
he says yes, I says no, he says yes, I says no,
he says it's the truth,
I yell "all of ya'll asses crazy,
let me up out this door", because this is way
more than I bargained for,
and then she says wait,
I'm sure we can all fix this, and then I said I’m late,
Cuz I ain't got a damn thing to do with this.....

Then she said but wouldn't you like to know
just how it all begin,
then I thought to myself and said quick you got 3 minutes,
And then it got real quiet,
I said somebody start talkin, then she said
And then she said "My God Rufus, I got just one question,
Then he looked at her and said bitch please you got
yo nerve, with all yo club hoppin'
lying sayin' you was shoppin',
and now here you are in
our home, and you calling
me wrong, she said ok you busted me,
and that much I agree,
you caught me cheating,
but this is a little extreme,
he said you are my wife,
sleeping behind my back,
and now I come home and you got him in the closet,
how extreme is that?......

She says but she's a he,
then he says please you can't judge me,
she says Rufus this is crazy,
and I said stop arguing,
I did not stay here to hear y’all chew
each other out, so get to the point,
or I swear I'm out, excuse me please,
but I think I can explain what's going in
here, my name is Chuck, and I've been
knowin' Rufus bout a year,
at midnight creeping around with him it's been a living hell,
sneaking in and out of hotels,
I said brother spare me
the details, then Rufus said Chuck please,
don't say nothin' else, and then she screams Rufus
you son of a bitch,
and he says Cathy go to hell,
I said I thought you name was Mary,
that's what you said at the party,
man this is getting scary,
I'm gonna shoot somebody......

Then Rufus starts yellin' and screaming
saying Cathy this is all yo fault,
she throws a pillow at him
and says you was creepin' too the only difference
is you didn't get caught,
Chuck scream out we're in love
Cathy says love my ass
Rufus say they gettin' married
then I shoot one in the air,
then I say not another one of
you sons of bitches say a word,
cause all of this shit I'm going through
is unheard, grab my cellular,
sayin' this is so wrong,
call up my home,
and a man picks up the phone......................


Now I'm dashin’ home
Doin’ 85
Swervin’ lane to lane
Wit fire in my eyes
I got a million thoughts
goin’ through my mind
I'm thinkin’ about what Imma do and who I'm gonna do it to when I get home
How could I have been so blind
And then I look in my rear view
I cannot believe this
(Whoo whoo whoo)
Damn, here comes a police man
He drove right up on me and flashed his light
Then I pulled over without thinkin’ twice
He hopped out the car and walked over to me
And said license and registration please
I looked up at him and said
Officer, is there somethin’ wrong
He said no, except you was doin’ 60 in a 45 mile zone
Then I said officer
Let me explain please
Ya see the truth of the matter is
Is that I got an emergency
He said no excuses
And no exceptions
He flicks his cigarette and then gives me the ticket
Said have a nice day and walked away
I said yeah right and drove away
Then I turned my radio on
And did 50 all the way home
I pulled up in the driveway
Hopped out and slammed the car door
Then go around the back
Bust up in the house and she screamin’
What’s all that for
Then I'm like woman I called this house
And a man picked up my phone
Then she says calm down
Did you forget
My brother Twan came home
And that’s all I could say was oh
Wit a stupid look on my face
Said I forgot he came home today
And she said that’s okay
Because honey I understand
She said you don’t have to explain
Then I took her by the hand
I kissed her and then we went to the room
And then I turned some music on
Apologized one more time
Then went down and start gettin’ it on
And she started bitin’ her lips
Grabbing me and makin’ noise
Now we makin’ love and she's in my ear whisperin’
It's all yours
I said I love you
And she said I love ya, too
Then a tear fell up out my eye
Then I called her my sunshine
And then she looked at me
And said baby go deeper please
And that’s when I start goin’ crazy
Like I was tryin to give her a baby
The room feel like its spinnin’
Cuz We keep turnin’ and turnin’
As if we were in a whirlwind
The way our toes are curlin’
Then next thing ya know, she starts goin’ real wild
And screamin’ my name
And then I said baby, we must slow down
Before I bust a vessel in my brain
She said please no don’t stop
And I said I caught a cramp
Then she said please keep on goin’
I said my leg is about to crack
Then she cries out
Oh my goodness, I'm about to climax
And I said cool
Just let go of my leg
She says you're the perfect lover
I said I can’t go no further
Then I flip back the cover
Oh my God, a rubber...


And now I'm like
Well, well, well
What the fuck is this
A condom in my bed
Ya better start talkin’, bitch
'Fore I take a match and
Burn this muthafucka down
I said you better start talkin’
And start talkin’ right god damn now
Then she said baby
I'm so speechless
Then I said my baby
You gone be breathless
If ya don’t start talkin’ quick
Woman, I'm gone have a fit
You don’t know what ya fuckin wit
Girl ya better cut the bullshit
Now its obvious somebody has been all up in my home
In my bed, and plus I smell cigarettes
Now I’m sniffin’ and lookin’ around
Suspicious like someone's here
Then I looked in her eyes and in her eyes
There was so much fear
Pull out my gun said is he still here
She shook her head and said no
I'm checkin’ behind every door
She cried out he left right after you called
I said what the fuck was you thinking
You thought that I wouldn’t find this out
Then I said you must be crazy or on crack to have somebody off up in my muthafuckin house
She hopped up and said that’s enough
She said I can’t take no more
And then she said you made your point
But now it’s time to even the score
She said I know all about last night
And where you went when you left the club
Said that’s right, nigga I was there
Wit this guy in the back of the club
I said I thought you was wit yo girls?
She said I thought you was wit yo guys?
She said you was at that bitches house
And don’t even try to act surprised
I Said babe, she said shut up
Don’t you say a word
It ain’t nothin’ you can say
That I aint already heard
Then I said woman, don’t you try to turn it all around
Cause the fact still remains that someone else was in my house
Then she said you're right about that
Somethin’ did go down, but I don’t have to turn it around
Cause what goes around comes back around
I'm movin’ a little closer to her
She's trippin’ over the furniture
She said wait first, just let me explain
I said no need to, just give me his name
And then she says uh...uh
I say uh what
She says please sit down in the chair
And I say no, I'm standin’ up
And then she cries out I'm so scared to tell you because of what ya might do
And I screamed look girl you better give me this man's name and I'm not playin’ wit you
She says okay, wipes her nose and asks me about a girl named Tina
I thought to myself, said it sounds familiar
Then said I probably know her if I seen her
Then I said anyway girl, what the hell does that got to do with this man
She said he know my girl Roxanne
I say who the hell is Roxanne
Then she say Roxanne's a friend of mine who know with this guy named Chuck
Chuck's cool wit this guy name Rufus
And I'm sittin’ there like what the fuck
Then she says Rufus wife, Cathy
We both went to high school
She introduced me to
The policeman that stopped you

Believe it or not I just started laughin'
Shakin' my head and just kept on laughin'
Thinkin' about all the things I had been through that day
Then she cries "what? Why do you have that smile upon your face?"
Then I laughed out, said "thinkin' about all of the things that I've been through"
She wipes her nose then she sniggles and laughs out "I've been through it too"
Then I start laughin' again and she start laughin' more
Then next thing you know we both are crackin' up on the floor
Then she laughs out "I can't believe this idiot really answered my phone!"
Now meanwhile 'Twon just got out of prison and he's on his way home
Then she yells "baby I'm sorry for all the lies and all the bullshit"
Then I said "girl just wait 'til I tell you all the drama that I've been dealin' with
She laughs "I wanna hear it all"
Then I laughed and said "baby first of all
I got a hangover, been trapped in the closet
Slept with who knows, threatened to kill a pastor"
She says "what?!?"
"Baby this is no lie he had a lover, turns out to be a gay guy"
She says "damn, you've been through a lot of shit"
"Plus I got a ticket!"
Meanwhile the policeman, he turns around
Just out of concern, comes back to the house
Then he pulls up in the driveway
My car's parked crooked with the lights on
Then he goes around the back way
He heard the dogs barkin' like something's wrong
He gets to the back door and discover it's been broken in
He looks around, pulls his gun out, then proceeds in
Meanwhile we're laughin' and laughin' and laughin'
But from his perspective he thinks somebody's cryin'
He gets closer to the bedroom and he would swear that somebody was coughin' and sighin'
Meanwhile we're in the bedroom laughin' as I'm tryin' to continue to explain
She yells out "Sylvester you're killin' me!"
I said "I swear that it went that way!"
Then next thing you know he bust up in the room
And said "motherfucker, freeze"
And then I looked up back at him and said "wait - you're that damn police"
Then she screamed "baby, I mean James" she says "everything is cool"
And then he yells "Gwendolyn I got this, I know you're sick and tired of this fool"
And then I stood up, start walkin' towards him screamin' "man get out my house!"
Then he yelled "freeze!" She screamed "please!" I pulled my beretta out
She cried out "Sylvester, please don't"
Visions of him making love to her
He said "man, put the gun on the floor"
I can't stop thinking about him and her
I slowly put the gun down
And then I put my hands up
He winked at me and smiled
And that is when I went nuts
Hopped all over him, grabbed the gun, she's screamin' "settle down"
Goin' all around the room, both hands on the gun
Then all of a sudden "pow"...

There's total silence, blood everywhere
And confusion on their faces as they continue to stare
Then Gwen starts shakin' and cryin' screamin' "What did you do?"
And then the policeman looks at me and screams "See, now I warned you."
Then he starts pacing the floor screamin' "God, what have we done here?!"
Then she rushed to to door, blood on her hands screamin' "There goes your whole career."
Meanwhile, I'm freakin' out sayin' "We gotta do somethin' and gotta do somethin' quick."
Then he picks up the gun and says "I have a wife at home, I can't have no parts of this."
She says "James, I can't believe you just said what you said.
Cause that's not what you was said when your ass was in my bed."
Then I said "Gettin' married later, but right now we gotta use our heads. First of all, did anybody check if the man was alive or dead."
Then he looks at her, she looks at me, I look at them and we look at him.
Meanwhile, Gwen's about to have a nervous breakdown the way she's shakin' and cryin'
And then she screams "You bastards! You've killed my brother."
And then I said "Gwen, wait a minute, I didn’t..."
She says "No, you killed my brother."
She said "He just got out of prison. He's been through a lot. He was talking about changin' his life and everything and to come home and get shot
Then I said "Baby, it wasn't my fault. This man had a gun on me.
And besides, how was I to know that you was getting down with this crooked ass police."
And he says " Now Wait a minute..." I say "Naw, you wait a minute!"
And then I say "Man, this is my wife. We had a life until you butted up in it."
She cried out "Sylvester, now hold on. Even though he was in our home, let's not forget the fact that you was out there creepin' in another man's home."
*Cough cough* *cough cough*
Twon starts coughin'. *cough cough*
And she says "Twon! Oh my god! Baby brother, are you okay ?"
And he looks up at her and says "I'm not gonna die, at least not today."
And then he asks what happened? "Sis, why did I get shot?
Sylvester what is this policeman doin' here ?"
And I said "Go on, tell him cop."
He says "Son, we gotta get you to a hospital and take a look at that wound."
Twon says "No, I'm okay. It's just my shoulder. All I need is a bathroom."
Now five minutes has gone by and they tellin' Twon everything that happened
Twon say "Shit, man I would've been better off in prison."
And now somebody's banging at the door and I'm like "Aww naw! Here we go again!"
Thinkin' out loud to myself sayin' "When is this shit gonna end ?!"
Then Gwendolyn looks at me and says "Baby, you got that?" And I say "NO!"
She says "Why?" And i said "Because I'm not openin' up another motherfuckin' door!"
And the cop says "Gwen, I'll get it." Then looks at me and say "Man of the house, my ass!"
Then I say "I'll get it, but whoever it is, I'm about to put their ass on blast!"
And then, the policeman grabbed me. I snatched away and got my gun up off the floor
Then Twon says "Man, that's what I'm talkin' about! Sylvester, point that shit toward the door! "
Then he snatches the policeman's gun and says "Officer, arrest me later."
I count to three, Twon opened the door and it's Rose the nosy neighbour...
Ooh, with a spatula in her hand (spatula)
Like that's gone do something against them guns
It's Rosy the nosy...whoa

The policeman gets in his car
And gets right on the phone
Backing up, shaking his head saying
"Let me get my crazy ass home"
And his wife picks up and says
"Darlin' where have you been,
I've been worried about you"
And he says "Police business, honey, I can't wait
to tell you what I've been going through"
She says "Are you okay?" "Yes"
"Do you need anything?" "No"
"Well, I baked you a pie" "Mmm"
"Your favourite: Cherry"
Then he said "I'll be there soon.
Sorry I kept you hanging"
Then she said, "Honey, don't worry about it
Just take your time, I still got some cleanin'"
Now meanwhile Misses Roseys back at Gwen's house
Tellin’ it all
She said "I knew there was something about that policeman
I started to cut lose my dog"
Then Gwendolyn looks at her and laughs and says
"Miss Rosey you are nuts"
Then I say "all I wanted to know
was what was you gonna do with that spatula"
And then we all laughed
Twon says "shes a G no doubt"
Now let’s head right back on over
To the policeman's house
He pulls up in the garage
She didn't expect for him to come that soon
She rushed to the door
kisses him on the cheek says "I was in the restroom"
Then he said "Whatcha say that for?"
And then she says "I don't know"
Then he step back, look at her and says
"Whatcha all jittery for?"
Then she says "Sweetheart, maybe it's that time of the month"
Then he says "Maybe? Maybe that time of the month?"
And then she says "You know what I mean"
He says "I know what came out yo mouth"
He said "you said maybe"
Then she says "baby," he walks in the house
And she tries to lead him upstairs
But he goes straight to the kitchen
She says "Hun, I bought you some pears"
And then he said "I'ma heat this chicken"
Then she turns around thinking to herself
With this weird look on her face
Then he screams "Woman, what wrong witchu,
why you walking back and forth, pacing?"
Before she answers she's thinkin' to herself
"What am I to say?"
Because the truth of the matter is
is that she just slept with another man today
And he started calling her name
"Bridget, I know you her me"
But she can't turn around
Because the truth on her face
He will see it
Then he screams "Bridget"
"Yes" "Look at me"
Bridget turns around and then he says
"Whatcha got up your sleeve?"
She's scared out of her mind
Stuttering and shaking and
still talking about some pears
He starts screaming saying
"Look woman, I done told you I’m not going up no stairs"
Now he's got a funny feeling
Something just don't seem right
He's looking at her while she's backing up
Then he says "With all my might,
Woman, I swear I'ma shoot somebody
if you been doing wrong"
But little does he know that
somebody is still right there in his home

He looks around the kitchen, and says 'something is really weird',
And she says 'why do you say that?' He says 'cos you keep tryin' to get me outta here',
He says 'ever since I been in this house your face has went from white to red
and remember when I first walked through the door you acted like you had seen a ghost from the dead'

Then he says 'girl if you hidin' something I’m gonna be so mad', then he hears
something fallin’ he says ' what the fuck was that?'
She said ' it sound like it came from upstairs, sounds like the plumbing',
He said 'woman that sound did not come from upstairs, I'll be damned if you're not up to something,

Said "Now the sound that i just heard, it came from this kitchen," and then he looks over by the stove
while shes easin' over by the dishes. And then he walks over to the refrigerator and pushes it back,
and then he looks in her face, looks like she’s about to have a heart-attack, then he notices the pie on the counter
One slice is missing, now the stories gettin' scary, cos he comes to realise that Bridget is allergic to cherries.

Then he slowly looks up at her and now her face is red as hell, he's breathing real hard,
movin' closer, she says 'hon you don't look so well'
And then he says move
She says no
He says move
She says no
BITCH MOVE!!! she moves, and then, he looks at the cabinet,
he walks to the cabinet, get close to the cabinet, now he's opening the cabinet.
Now pause the movie cos what I'm about to say to ya'll is so damn twisted,
Not only is there a man in his cabinet, but the man... is a MIDGET!

Now the midget jumps outta the cabinet and stomps the policemen on his toe
The policemen hoppin’ around on one leg screamin’ "son of bitch" while he runs under the table
He yells ''freeze'' dives over the table and lands on the midget...while the midget is kickin’
real fast screamin’ out “Bridget, Bridget” ,
She yells “darlin’ don't hurt ‘em"
He says “Bridget get yo' ass back”...then he continues to rough up the midget as if the midget was under attack...
Then Bridget runs up to her room, goes in her purse and pulls a number out...
The police puts him on the table and yells "Man, what the hell you doin' in my house?!"
He whips cherry pie crust off his mouth and says man, I was paid not to tell you
Then the police pulls his gun out and yells trespassin’ man I got the right to shoot you..
The midget says “mister, the man that pay me to this would kill me if I tell”
He points the gun in his face, the midget say ''god I think I just shitted on myself''
Now at Sylvester's house Twon gotta patch on his shoulder playin’ cards getting’ alone
There laughing and talking when Sylvester says Gwendolyn, baby, get the phone
Then she walks away from the table picks it up and say "hello" there's a lady on the other line panic-n-
cryin’ and talkin’ all off the wall,
Gwen says “wait slow down, who am I talkin’ to”
"My names Bridget and I found your number in my husband's pocket, I had to call you"
two minutes later Gwen shakin’ her head sayin’ “girl I understand,” Sylvester says “who is it baby?”
She hangs up and gives him the address,
Now meanwhile back at the policemen house the midget cryin’ his ass off while he lyin’ through his teeth ‘bout
to get his lil’ ass told off,
Then Bridget bust in the kitchen with a double barrel sayin’ "James I can't let you do this"
Then he looks at her and says “what? You shoot me for this
fuckin’ midget” she says "I love him"

Now Bridget and James starin’ each other down slowly backin’ apart, then the midget takes his inhaler out
and says “this is not good for my heart,”
Then James says "Bridget don't make me do this baby put the gun down"...that’s when Sylvester and Twon
busted up in the house... and says you put the gun down..whoo while Twon & Sylvester are sniffin’ around...
tryna figure out what’s that smell...as they turn and look at each other like whaaat the...hell.....?
(, Sat 1 Mar 2014, 13:17, 17 replies)
No wonder you get ignored so often.

(, Sat 1 Mar 2014, 18:22, closed)
^doesn't appreciate art

(, Sat 1 Mar 2014, 18:31, closed)
alright, dr skarga

(, Sat 1 Mar 2014, 18:30, closed)
I've never been so insulted in all my life.

(, Sat 1 Mar 2014, 18:30, closed)
Have to confess I didn't read any of it and judged it purely on length.

(, Sat 1 Mar 2014, 18:40, closed)
It's the first 11 chapters of the R Kelly masterpiece 'Trapped in the Closet.'

(, Sat 1 Mar 2014, 19:35, closed)
I've already clicked
but now I'm going to have to click with some of those spoof accounts that I definitely don't have honest.
(, Sat 1 Mar 2014, 19:54, closed)
I'm listening to it
properly hat-stand bonkers.

And fucking awful
(, Mon 3 Mar 2014, 12:45, closed)
I felt a great disturbance in the Force,
as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and put you on ignore.
(, Sat 1 Mar 2014, 19:21, closed)
I laughed far more than I should have at that.
(, Sat 1 Mar 2014, 19:36, closed)

(, Sat 1 Mar 2014, 19:53, closed)
Never in the history of man kind have so few owed so much to so many
For posting such shite
(, Sun 2 Mar 2014, 1:05, closed)
alright Pooflake
Why such a short entry this week?
(, Sun 2 Mar 2014, 9:38, closed)

(, Sun 2 Mar 2014, 12:58, closed)
Bridget is allergic to cherries.

(, Sun 2 Mar 2014, 13:27, closed)

Fuck reading that for a game of soldiers
(, Sun 2 Mar 2014, 16:37, closed)
I'm sorry
I got to chapter 2 and lost the will to live.

Judged by weight, this must win.
(, Mon 3 Mar 2014, 18:04, closed)

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