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This is a question Trolls

Are you a troll? Ever been trolled? Ever pwn3d a troll with your 1337 intarnet sk1llz? Or do you live under a bridge and eat goats? Tell us your trolly stories, both from the web and from real life

Thanks to The Hedgehog From Hell for the suggestion

(, Thu 19 May 2011, 11:49)
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Phantom Menace was AMAZING.

(, Fri 20 May 2011, 12:48, 5 replies)
But not as good as Matrix Revolutions
And isn't it about time they re-made Bladerunner? Perhaps starring Dappy from N-Dubz?

Katie Price would make a good Rachel, too...
(, Fri 20 May 2011, 13:20, closed)
Casting Keanu Reeves and Zac Efron in the Hughes Brother remake of Akira is TOTALLY AWESOME.
(, Fri 20 May 2011, 14:49, closed)
Justin Beiber covering LedZep songs
for the soundtrack.
(, Fri 20 May 2011, 15:22, closed)
You are correct. It was amazing.
A few years ago, I saw all six movies in one day, at The Empire, Leicester Square. They were played in order of creation, so we got to see IV, V, and VI before starting in on I, II, and III.

My chum and I were understandably rather tired after getting up early that morning and sitting through three movies, so we used The Phantom Menace as an opportunity to catch up on some sorely-needed sleep.
(, Fri 20 May 2011, 18:40, closed)
Jar Jar Binks
is the best one in the film
(, Sat 21 May 2011, 20:22, closed)

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