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This is a question Trolls

Are you a troll? Ever been trolled? Ever pwn3d a troll with your 1337 intarnet sk1llz? Or do you live under a bridge and eat goats? Tell us your trolly stories, both from the web and from real life

Thanks to The Hedgehog From Hell for the suggestion

(, Thu 19 May 2011, 11:49)
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The Untrollables
In general, I'm not too fond of trolling - but some places are so outlandishly stupid that it seems almost mandatory. A different set of rules applies - trolling the clinically braindead doesn't really count, in the same way as the RSPCA will not investigate complaints of cruelty to a pet rock. The Jawa Report is a favorite - right-wing rednecks, full of piss and wind, who always take the bait and respond with hilariously inept and malformed streams of invective and abuse. Proposing the imposition of gun control unfailingly results in comedy gold.

But then there's Yahoo! Answers. I've tried in the past, and typically get deleted within a few minutes, but would not say I've ever really succeeded. It's not because they're too wise - the threads fill up quickly and reliably with shouty nonsense. However ridiculous you make your post, however unbelievable, you will quickly become eclipsed by those who not only seem to genuinely share your faked position, but take it to horrifying and incomprehensibly bizarre levels.

They are truly untrollable. It's like trying to gross out Armin Meiwes by eating a bogey. Fun, though...
(, Sat 21 May 2011, 13:24, 1 reply)
They are untrollable because they are better trolls than you.
Not because they agree with you.
(, Sat 21 May 2011, 20:40, closed)

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