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This is a question Unemployed

I was Mordred writes, "I've been out of work for a while now... however, every cloud must have a silver lining. Tell us your stories of the upside to unemployment."

You can tell us about the unexpected downsides too if you want.

(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 10:02)
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My first unemployment
was strange in many ways.

I was working as chief "burger" flipper in a grand establishment that sounds exactly like MacDonalds. My reason for being sacked was nothing out of the ordinary, my sacking was nothing out of the ordinary, it was the journey home that will haunt me to this day.

I was awash with the feeling of freedom that only fresh dismissal provides and decided i would saunter along an alternate route to my regular watering hole.

As I turned into this strange new road, i felt the pit of my stomach sink to my knees.
Then I spotted it.

From the corner of my eye, it was sitting, in all its russet glory.
I was compelled to move toward it, the fact it was currently residing in a skip doing nothing to deter me.

I pawed at it nervously, then my wonderment overcame my terror and i exploded forth, ripping and shredding 'til my prize was revealed.....

.....I could barely believe my eyes. Some sick Cunt had not only compiled what can only be described as the most lurid, grotesque, smorgasbord of smut-riddled discs I had ever seen, but catalogued and cross-refenced them!
I heaved my guts across the "collection" and as my mind whirred I felt a burly hand grab the back of my neck.
As I turned to face a six foot policeman I noticed the crying child behind him.

"That's him! Thats the bad man who tried to make my look at his horrible things!" cried the youngster.

I barely had time to plead my case before I was whisked away, sirens blazing.

So dear reader, as I sit here writing this under constant surveillance, awaiting trial for a crime I did not commit, please try to imagine the harrowwing torment I am currently undergoing. I regret the series of events that unfolded, and cannot remove from my mind the vision of a scrap of cardboard bearing the words "THE GREAT PROJECT"
(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 16:06, 7 replies)
victim of spanky-related pornography. When will they learn?
(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 16:10, closed)
be careful what you find in skips on Camden Road, kids!
(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 16:34, closed)
Nice one, mate
You just can't beat the awsome power of porn.

Its great.

And its good for you too.
(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 16:50, closed)
Did you know
that Firefox has an add-on called Download Them All?

Did you know that you can find open directories full of fun, if NSFW, pics?

Go on, you know you want to...
(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 17:05, closed)
Thankfully I now have
a woman in my life who is *ahem* a bit of a goer and dirtier than a drunken nun.

My days of porn appreciation are behind me...

Also, if Liz finds me looking at porn again she has threatened to cut my cock off.
(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 17:12, closed)
Why limit yourself
when you can have both?
(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 18:10, closed)
Ooo! I love it when posts are cross referenced.
(, Fri 3 Apr 2009, 17:00, closed)

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