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This is a question Unexpected Nudity

There you are minding your own business, looking neither to the left, nor to the right, when suddenly... SURPRISE TODGER!

Tell us just how un-erotic unexpected encounters with nudey people can be.

(suggested by wanderingjoe)

(, Thu 28 May 2009, 13:32)
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Next time you use the unisex toilet at the Airport try locking the door.
There was me, waiting for our flight from Tenerife back to pissy Manchester when I felt the all too common symptoms of my all-too-small bladder and my all-too-large booze consumption a few hours earlier.

As the flight was minutes from boarding along with the distinct absence of anyone who looked remotely disabled I decided to take advantage. Sliding the door open I was greeted by a rather alarmed looking woman who'd clearly just finished replacing her tampon or pad and had her knickers round her knees.

After a brief consideration of her smooth as glass ladygarden I turned around and scuttled off so I would not have to share the embarrasment of any further contact with the unfortunate lady.

Sods law dictated that not only was she on the same flight as me but her boyfriend was sitting next to my wife so she had no choice but to sit opposite me.

We avoided eye contact after that and it was all I could do not to burst out to the wife,'I saw her rat!'
(, Thu 28 May 2009, 13:44, 7 replies)
"I saw her rat!"
= *click*
(, Thu 28 May 2009, 13:47, closed)
I was going to say pretty much the same thing.

(, Thu 28 May 2009, 13:49, closed)
I spat...
...sausage butty all over me PC screen over that line, hilarious...
(, Thu 28 May 2009, 13:53, closed)
(, Thu 28 May 2009, 14:24, closed)
This ^^
(, Thu 28 May 2009, 15:26, closed)
^What they all said^
(, Thu 28 May 2009, 17:13, closed)

You saw her naked mole rat.
(, Thu 28 May 2009, 14:37, closed)

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