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This is a question Unexpected Nudity

There you are minding your own business, looking neither to the left, nor to the right, when suddenly... SURPRISE TODGER!

Tell us just how un-erotic unexpected encounters with nudey people can be.

(suggested by wanderingjoe)

(, Thu 28 May 2009, 13:32)
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thanks but no thanks
Several years ago, when my girlfiend was visiting her mother, I went to a party with a very pretty female friend of mine (I'll call her Sarah, but it isn't her real name).
It was clear after a short time that she was being hassled by one of the guys there and wanted to leave, so I made our excuses and took her across the street to my (shared) flat to call a taxi (yes, this was before mobile phones and I am therefore ancient).

Before the afore-mentioned phone call, I made Sarah a coffee and took it into my room, where I'd left her sitting on the bed. She was still there, but now completely naked.
She explained that she didn't want a taxi and would prefer to stay with me. I gently explained in return that I loved my girlfriend and that hot as Sarah was, it wouldn't be right.

I suppose there are people who think I must have been mad to turn her down, but I value fidelity in a relationship and besides, she was my friend and I couldn't see her in that kind of way, not even sitting in my bedroom, on my bed, naked.

Anyway, Sarah burst into tears, got dressed and left. I never saw her again. Shortly afterwards, my girlfriend and I split up.

I've always wondered what might have happened if I'd made a different decision.
(, Sat 30 May 2009, 11:08, 5 replies)
how about this
you had sex with Sarah which was ok, she clears off having got what she wanted. You feel guilty. You split up with your girlfriend. You think it was because of what you did ( a giveaway sign maybe, wagging tongues).But it was going to happen anyway and you end up feeling like a bastard and wondering what would happen if you hadn't done it. Exactly the same sort of thing happens to me.
(, Sat 30 May 2009, 12:40, closed)
You may wonder
But you still did the right thing, and for that you get the click!
(, Sat 30 May 2009, 13:22, closed)
Stick with your values.
Everyone wonders "what if..." from time to time, but you can feel secure knowing you did what was right by your set of values.

Having personal integrity matters a shitload to self-worth.
(, Sat 30 May 2009, 13:43, closed)
As the butthole surfers would have it....
It's better to regret something you have done than something you haven't.
(, Sat 30 May 2009, 18:14, closed)
Good God, do I hate that cliche!
It's better to regret something you have done than something you haven't.

What, like having remained faithful to your girlfriend?

Just because, in retrospect, it turned out differently from how you envisaged it at the time, it doesn't mean that you made a bad decision.
(, Tue 2 Jun 2009, 16:54, closed)

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