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This is a question Useless advice

As a new parent, people seem to think it's OK to pass on any and every old wives tale possible. "Don't hug him too much". What? Quite what possesses people to pass on baseless, idiotic, useless advice I don't know.

That said, I quite often give car drivers directions and then, after they've moved off, realise that I've sent them down a bike-only route, so I can give as good as I get.

What useless advice have you been given (or handed out) recently?

(, Thu 19 Oct 2006, 10:29)
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Years ago
when preparing to go to a job interview, my dad gave me the invaluable advice...

"Remember, when someone puts there hand out to you - shake it."

No shit dad, and there was me about to engage in a game of slaps with my prospective empolyer.

I got the job so maybe he did have a point (though it was hard not to jerk my hand away and wiggle it in front of my nose like a small child).
(, Thu 19 Oct 2006, 18:01, Reply)

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