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This is a question Useless Information

Did you know that crabs wee through their eyes? That maidenhair moss is so called because Anglo-saxons thought it looked like pubes? That Albanians have 17 different words for moustache? Astound us with your utterly useless and obscure knowledge.

(, Thu 17 Mar 2005, 14:48)
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Myths Debunked & Facts
Ducks quacks do echo:
(worth looking at that link for the picture)
Portuguese Navy aren't the only navy to allow alcohol on board, the Royal Navy do for a start.

You can keep your eyes open when you sneeze (I do it sometime if I'm driving)

Facts (or so I believe):
Elephants are the only mammals who have four legs that all bend in the same direction.
Duck-billed platypuses are the only mammal that can sting (they have spines or something in their back legs).
The noise for the Tardis on Doctor Who was made by someone running a key down a piano's strings and slowing down the recording (listen to it).
The medical name for when you suddenly jerk when trying to get to sleep is called a myoclonic spasm.
(, Sat 19 Mar 2005, 14:19, Reply)

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