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This is a question Voyeurism

Enzyme asks "Have you ever accidentally seen something intimate and private and... well... ended up watching? Or found that others had been watching you?"

(, Thu 11 Oct 2007, 18:14)
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I often stare out the window watching the world go by. Is that voyeurism or just being a sad cunt.

*I can't believe I opened myself up to the abuse that will inevitably follow*
(, Wed 17 Oct 2007, 18:13, 4 replies)
It amused me. Chortle.
(, Wed 17 Oct 2007, 18:25, closed)
was last week. This week, we'll just watch.
(, Wed 17 Oct 2007, 18:27, closed)
Well PJM!
Seeing you in your bike gear certainly made me chortle too.
(, Wed 17 Oct 2007, 18:28, closed)
I'd say
that depends on what you're pondering as the world goes by. If you're admiring the bodies or trying to figure out what they're doing or what they're like based on those brief glimpses, it's voyeurism.

If you're sitting there being emo, you're just a sad cunt.

If nothing is going through your mind, it's mongloidism. *belms*
(, Wed 17 Oct 2007, 20:31, closed)

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