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This is a question I met a weirdo on the interweb

Now, I've met lots of nice people on the internet - but it's the weird ones that stick in your mind. Such as the guy who borrowed a film off me in Cambridge and turned out to be so smelly, so hairy, so nervous and, well, so downright needy that I've never bothered getting it back.

Tell us about the strange people you've met on the internet.

(, Fri 17 Mar 2006, 9:31)
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weirdness and weirdo's
Wow! weirdo's! Its not like the people who post in this website are weird or anything like!

I enjoy trying to comprehend other people's weirdness, but some people are just full of shit.

xendragon.teef.net/ case in point! i mean, FFS! WTF! ROTFL! LOL! BBQ!

(but then again - you never know when you might need a badly hand-drawn
sketch of 2 dragon/human chimera's sucking each others dicks..)

Oh, and bloggers too, what a bunch of egotistical non-entities!

And people who think they can change the "zeitgeist" with their pseudo-political websites...
and... porn freaks, whos only purpose is to find more and more porn on which to ejaculate...
anyway... enough of this rant, im going to find some porn...
(, Thu 23 Mar 2006, 17:27, Reply)

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