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This is a question Weird Rituals

David Cameron holds in his piss in order to concentrate. What weird borderline OCD shit do you do and why?

(, Thu 15 Dec 2011, 14:17)
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I'm not mental at all.
I just need to have things a certain way.

Wardrobe - All clothes need to be facing a certain way, and in groups - rugby shirts, rugby related t-shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, jumper/shirt combo, casual shirts, formal shirts, suits. Going from right to left because I'm right handed and therefore open the right hand door first.

Books/DVDs - must be in alphabetical order, and then, where possible, chronological order within series.

Pillows - label on pillow must be as far as possible from opening in pillowcase to prevent it from escaping(!). If using pillow protector (similar to mattress protector only pillow sized), then label must be away from opening in protector, and opening in protector must be away from opening in pillowcase.

Food - doesn't have to be eaten in any particular order from the plate, but can't mix stuff on my fork (unless it's something that is already mixed up, like lasagne - that's okay).

Music - all my music in iTunes has to have correct year, artwork and genre.

Butter/margarine - can't have holes gouged in it, have to "sweep" butter from the top.

Toilet paper - have to use odd amount of sheets to help with folding (only 1 end piece left on outside) and have to end on perforations.

Like I said, I'm not mental.
(, Thu 15 Dec 2011, 18:18, 6 replies)
Jumper/shirt combo.
(, Thu 15 Dec 2011, 18:24, closed)
Nothing wrong with having books, CDs etc. in order.
I don't really have enough CDs, or use them enough, to alphebetise them but I at least put the same band's stuff together or it would take longer to find things. BooksI arrange alphebetically by author and as chronologically as I can be arsed to -- i.e. I at least put trilogies in the right order.
The clothes makes sense too, though I don't do it myself seeing ad my wardrobe is very limited.
Oh, the pilows makes sense too as a comfort thng -- I also tend to put the openings of pillowcases to the outside of the bed so I'm not facing the openng when laying towards the centre of the bed.
Butter and margerine is the ideal way too as it's the easiest way to use it.
In summary I think some of the rituals we have are for good reason and make life just a tiny bit better.
(, Thu 15 Dec 2011, 22:39, closed)
But if these things don't happen,
I get severely agitated ad must fix it. Sometimes brings me close to tears.
(, Fri 16 Dec 2011, 0:28, closed)
Completely with you
When I had cassettes, they were alphabetical and chronological. CDs were the same. I made spreadsheets (and in one supreme fit of boredom and/or anal retentiveness an Access database) cataloguing them by name, artist, genre (oh, the joy of deliberating between heavy metal and hard rock, or electronica and techno!), year of release, year bought, etc. Now on iTunes everything has to be correct - CANNOT have any confusion between e.g. REM and R.E.M., while numbers of plays, album rating and last played are informative and useful. But they have to all be right! God knows how much time I have spent getting all of this right.
(, Fri 16 Dec 2011, 4:36, closed)
I can't possibly rate my music.
What if I get it wrong? I know it's just my opinion, but what if I horribly misjudge a piece of music, rate it low, not listen to it for years and then find out it's actually a masterpiece?
(, Fri 16 Dec 2011, 8:45, closed)
Then you can congratulate yourself for championing some underground sounds that didn't get the recognition they deserved

(, Fri 16 Dec 2011, 13:31, closed)

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