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This is a question Weird Rituals

David Cameron holds in his piss in order to concentrate. What weird borderline OCD shit do you do and why?

(, Thu 15 Dec 2011, 14:17)
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Crisp pokes
or potato chip bags for any non Scots.

I have to tie them in a bow.

The misses folds them into a triangle.
(, Fri 16 Dec 2011, 9:46, 6 replies)
If I understood what you said correctly
I do the same.

When finished, roll it up, tie it in a knot. I'll do it to everybody elses too, if the leave them lying around.

In defence, this isn't really mad, it is just tidier - a table full of empty crisp packets in a pub is a nuisance.
(, Fri 16 Dec 2011, 9:49, closed)
When I was but a young'un
...I was taught to scrunch them up by making a circle with my thumb+forefinger and poking them into it until they end up as a sort of compressed ball. The idea being, this way if you put them in a bin outdoors, they won't get blown out again by a gust of wind.

I still do it, and people still look at me like I'm a loony (or expect me to make it disappear like I'm doing a magic trick).
(, Fri 16 Dec 2011, 10:10, closed)
This should only be done in the pub. Fact.

(, Fri 16 Dec 2011, 11:03, closed)
I always do a triangle.
I was sitting in A&E the other week with my son. We'd been waiting for ages so had a bag of crisps each from the machine. There was a girl sitting with her mum next to us, so I taught her the triangle trick. It helped to pass the time.
(, Fri 16 Dec 2011, 11:28, closed)
Me too, me too
Mrs G hates it as it crinkles and she doesn't like the noise. Sometimes I have to smuggle them away and do it in private.

Brannigan's were the very best for triangles.
(, Wed 21 Dec 2011, 14:20, closed)
I also tie them into a bow
Whereas my other half does the Triangle thing, I've tried the triangle but it never stays together when I do it.
(, Fri 16 Dec 2011, 16:04, closed)

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