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This is a question Weird Rituals

David Cameron holds in his piss in order to concentrate. What weird borderline OCD shit do you do and why?

(, Thu 15 Dec 2011, 14:17)
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Whenever I'm making anything with honey in it, I always say thankyou to the bees.

I don't do anything similar with any other food.

Just honey, and bees.

I have *no* idea why.
(, Fri 16 Dec 2011, 10:38, 10 replies)
well, it would be a bit odd with meat or fish, no?
dear cow. thank you so much for being butchered. love mike...
(, Fri 16 Dec 2011, 10:58, closed)
...but I don't thank cows when I eat cheese or drink milk. Oh god - maybe I'm going to start doing that now.
(, Fri 16 Dec 2011, 16:14, closed)
Bees don't make any other food.

(, Fri 16 Dec 2011, 11:53, closed)
You've obviously never tried...
Ready Salted bee-nuts
(, Fri 16 Dec 2011, 15:14, closed)
When referring to honey
in our house, we always call it 'bee love'
(, Fri 16 Dec 2011, 12:51, closed)
Bee vomit in ours
We tend not to eat much honey.
(, Fri 16 Dec 2011, 12:53, closed)
I'm stealing that one.

(, Fri 16 Dec 2011, 16:14, closed)
Maybe it's cos bees are far more committed to producing honey than other animals are to producing other food
Sure, a cow has to die to give us beefburgers, but it only has to do that once. Being herded into a brain-gouging machine is really no effort at all. Egg laying looks pretty painful, but that's just part of the course of being a chicken.

But if you're a bee, you and your entire family have spent your entire lives producing that honey, in the hope of securing a better future for the generations to come. From the moment you were born to the moment you die, making that honey is your entire life's work.

Also: how come people can't make honey out of pollen, but bees can? People are smarter than bees, right? Surely there's not some magic bee alchemy beyond the ken of science?
(, Fri 16 Dec 2011, 15:11, closed)
That's probably it.
I am appreciating the amount of sheer work that's put in to creating this delicious sugary treat.

Bees are awesome.

(, Fri 16 Dec 2011, 16:15, closed)
It's a pretty old superstition :)
probably the same reason people used to tell the bees the news first that someone in the household had died.
(, Sun 18 Dec 2011, 14:02, closed)

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