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This is a question Winging It

Don Spang says: I once found myself winging it in a job interview and somewhat exaggerated my technical experience in the field of mainframe computer operations. 24 years later, I'm still there. Ever had to improvise to get by? Tell us you tales of MacGyver-type genius.

(, Thu 28 Mar 2013, 12:31)
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law is such a worthwhile career
A friend required a number of o-levels to go to do law at uni, coming from a family of lawyers and judges he thought it time he stopped mucking about with his failed collage course in a craft industry. Each module counted as an o-level and there were six of them, sadly there they were listed, at the end of the letter it said FAIL. Uni required a photocopy of all o-levels attained. Folding under the last bit that said Fail worked wonderfully and he went on to pass law, work at a big Supermarkets legal department and now i believe works in medical law in the big smoke...
(, Tue 2 Apr 2013, 21:45, 19 replies)
Make sense, you cunt.

(, Tue 2 Apr 2013, 22:03, closed)

(, Tue 2 Apr 2013, 22:40, closed)
Man lies about qualifications, illegally obtains law degree.

(, Tue 2 Apr 2013, 22:46, closed)
I think it's "man lies incoherently about imaginary man lying about qualifications".

(, Wed 3 Apr 2013, 8:31, closed)
I heard a similar story ( But the more I think about it the more I doubt it's veracity ). Someone in a similar situation scanned the letter informing them that they had failed absolutely everything, then using Photoshop or something similar, used the erase tool to erase the F, I and L in the word FAIL just leaving the A so it looked as if they had in fact obtained an A for each subject, then printed it out to show potential employers. Here too the person became very successful and certainly earns a heck of lot more than the £53 per week or so That Iain Duncan Smith says he could happily live on.
(, Wed 3 Apr 2013, 7:55, closed)

I doubt he's any worse than any other in his department, maybe better after having to use real world skills and initiative. One hears stories of this sort of fraud but i saw the letter myself and the photocopy. Its probably harder to do nowdays but back then there was no or not much internet etc.
(, Wed 3 Apr 2013, 8:31, closed)
Oh god.
The daft cunt is going to front it out and pretend he's seen the evidence.

(, Wed 3 Apr 2013, 8:33, closed)

i think a name well known in the legal profession must have helped too. It's true though...having had dealings with a few "professionals" fibbing about qualifications is probably one of the least despicable things they do.
(, Wed 3 Apr 2013, 11:17, closed)
I doubt most people would need to think about either of these stories for more than the length of a blink to appreciate that they're complete bollocks.

(, Wed 3 Apr 2013, 8:32, closed)
A friend of mine, who'd managed only a D at Psychology A Level and nothing else, managed to bullshiit himself onto a Polytechnic Law course by criticising the interviewers' technique.
This was back when Polys were newish and they'd offer places to people with poorish results to fill the places up, but even so, my friend's s prospects were dismal.

They asked him what he'd learned on the Psychology course so he went on about how intimidating 'the 3 interviewers-one interviewee format' was, and how the candidate's strengths could be better brought out with a different set-up.

He got in and eventually took a 3rd, and is now a high-up court official. I'm not bitter.
(, Wed 3 Apr 2013, 11:48, closed)

Well collages and uni's are there to make cash ,pay and your in. Worst i've heard is from a mate who was a lecture he had a Japanese student who couldn't speak English.(Seemingly its not unusual for the jerk offs to be sent to UK). She passed, was nursed all the way through, as the cash kept coming.

in fairly new so it interesting to find a few trolls...thanks.
(, Wed 3 Apr 2013, 17:09, closed)
It's "college" and "you're" you pointless fuck-end.
How can you tell made-up stories about the poor language skills of imaginary Japanese students when you can't speak the fucking language yourself? Do people puke when you walk past? I bet the fucking do. Your poor fucking parents.
(, Wed 3 Apr 2013, 19:37, closed)
It's deliberate trolling, don't feed it.

(, Wed 3 Apr 2013, 19:42, closed)
I bet the are too ashamed to even aknolij him.

(, Wed 3 Apr 2013, 22:16, closed)
wait, so, was there an actual collage course?
or are you a div?
(, Wed 3 Apr 2013, 14:18, closed)
No doubt these days
This would never happen , because of clever buggers with Photoshop, scanners and inkjet printers as good as lasers, the first thing a potential employer is going to do is make a quick phone call to the school.
(, Wed 3 Apr 2013, 21:01, closed)
Or indeed ask the lucky candidate to bring them the genuine article, and possibly take a copy of it for their records.

(, Wed 3 Apr 2013, 21:12, closed)
And ... you know ... by the fact that O levels stopped in the mid '80s and university admission is in any case based on A level results.

(, Wed 3 Apr 2013, 23:26, closed)

I suppose its more interconnected now, though i still hear a lot of whinging about plagiarism from lecturer's who cant use google. Soon the oldies will drop off their perches and more google minded people will take over...of course by then the students will have moved on. Personally i see "cheating" as a valuable life lesson.
(, Thu 4 Apr 2013, 8:15, closed)

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