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This is a question "You're doing it wrong"

Chthonic confesses: "Only last year did I discover why the lids of things in tubes have a recessed pointy bit built into them." Tell us about the facepalm moment when you realised you were doing something wrong.

(, Thu 15 Jul 2010, 13:23)
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I had a similar experience at my first 'proper' job
but the outcome was far better...they never asked me to brew up again. I did warn them that I'd never made Tea or Coffee before, well I never drank the stuff back then so why the fuck should I know how to make it?
It was better for them anyway, it was in a DIY type shop, they could've ended up with all sorts of 'special extras'.
(, Fri 16 Jul 2010, 10:48, 1 reply)
It never occurred to me to tell him I didn't know how to make coffee.
But I was a stupid teenager.
(, Fri 16 Jul 2010, 11:04, closed)
what bits did you put in his coffee
spunk or spit?
(, Fri 16 Jul 2010, 11:14, closed)

(, Fri 16 Jul 2010, 11:15, closed)
If you where are cute little office girl
that would have got him off.

spit in it more.
(, Fri 16 Jul 2010, 12:52, closed)
next time
Ask him if he wants one spit or two, that should save you having to make him a drink forever...
(, Mon 19 Jul 2010, 13:20, closed)

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