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[challenge entry] Jetpack, baby jetpack

Apologies for no Hogis

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(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 18:33, archived)
# haha!
Stickin' it to The Man!
With kinda science
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 18:35, archived)
# Ideal for flying over Snowdonia with a telecaster hanging round your neck..!!
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 18:47, archived)
# If only I'd thought of that beforehand... ;)
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 19:25, archived)
# How you enjoying the new axe? is it as clean and bright sounding as hoped for...
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 19:27, archived)
# Not the way I torture it!
*is putting off bunging the new set of strings on in the hope that a certain kind of dirty trash Neil Young muse will strike...*
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 19:37, archived)
# Well "Hey hey and my my...!!"
The more tortured the better by my book....!!
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 19:50, archived)
# By jolting my practice amp in a certain way, I can make it sound more like a bear's coughing fit than a series of chords and notes.
This pleases me, but is fairly pointless for songwriting purposes...
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 19:58, archived)
# But who want's to bother writing songs.....
When you can do something that pleases you instead.....

It sounds like it would be the sort of sound that pleases me too..

I'v just always liked making sounds that no one else can make, even after I'v showed them how I did it....

I just like making noise.... The more unsong like the better....!!

Yay for unsong like unwritten growling bear coughing I say...! ;-)
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 20:13, archived)
# Hey, what the heck.
Making mad noises is far more fun than practicing to become a musician.

*joins the invisable man's mad noises group*
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 20:19, archived)
# You and me each side of the stage....
Just making mad noise for ten minutes.....

Then we run into the middle and have a sword fight using our guitar necks as mighty claymores, everything turned upto eleven...

Bass player stood at the side of the stage hitting his untuned open E string with a hammer..... while sawing at his G with a hack saw...

Now that'd be music...!!!

I'm off to the shop....

I want us signed up with EMI by the time I get back...!!
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 20:27, archived)
# That is some damn sexy imagery there
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 20:33, archived)
# They're not returning my calls.
Small wonder, really, since my last publicity stunt backfired spectacularly and ended up with my contact's son being killed by a polar bear, and several of his pals being maimed.
I hope to get IP rights for the voicemail messages, at least...
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 20:40, archived)
# That copper could float up there on his baloon....!
If only he were in the equel and opposite police force...!
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 18:46, archived)
# wrong way round
it's uniform motion and the policeman is in a uniform

..but i like it
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 18:49, archived)
# Yes, but the jetpacker is also wearing a uniform
The uniform of the Jetpacking Association of Moldova.
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 19:16, archived)
# whats that cow up to...
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 18:51, archived)
# It's cowering from the impending explsoion ;-)
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 18:56, archived)
# It's Isaac Mooton
and it's watching with interest
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 19:02, archived)
# Eyes like Hawkings these Mootons have..
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 19:05, archived)
# Oh I nearly forgot
He's also doing some field research
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 19:07, archived)
# He may be the father of moodern physics.....
But he's only just grazzed the surface...
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 19:09, archived)
# Any relation to Louis Pasture?
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 19:15, archived)
# You're milking it now...!
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 19:18, archived)
# you're being udderly ridiculous
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 20:17, archived)
# I took it too far and feel like a tit.....
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 20:19, archived)
# you boob
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 21:41, archived)
# HA aha
Some people have no respect!
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 19:54, archived)
# Pffft!
(, Mon 15 Aug 2011, 20:17, archived)