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[challenge entry] Who is this mysterious 'Hammy'?

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(, Mon 25 Jun 2012, 19:09, archived)
# Hahahah, not a Banksy fan then?
(, Mon 25 Jun 2012, 19:22, archived)
# I actually quite like a lot of his stuff,
and his film was ace, but he is quite easy to mock, so I took the easy route.
(, Mon 25 Jun 2012, 19:25, archived)
# I'm sure he can take it.
(, Mon 25 Jun 2012, 19:26, archived)
# as he wanks into piles of fifty pound notes.
i bet the KLF had wished they had done that now.
(, Mon 25 Jun 2012, 20:05, archived)
# haha
(, Tue 26 Jun 2012, 7:31, archived)
# all of this
(, Fri 29 Jun 2012, 21:06, archived)
# I've not seen his film
I take it it's ok then? His art I find a bit obvious and 6th form in its humour and complexity, but I still like it, cos I like people drawing on buildings and that.

Seriously though, at least there's something interesting about his stuff. I was most miffed when they painted over the CCTV mural opposite the Blue Posts off Oxford Street. It was a comforting Friday night thing for me, then - gone.
(, Tue 26 Jun 2012, 0:28, archived)
# The film comes more from his
prankster than his political side, which is where I think his talent really lies. Impossible to know how much of it is a hoax, too, which is a neat trick to have pulled off.

(, Tue 26 Jun 2012, 0:58, archived)
# I think his biggest problem nowadays
is that the whole "anonymous" thing no longer works. It means that you can't take him too seriously as an artist because you don't see him discussing his work (and illegal street art seems an odd area for a wealthy middle aged man to work in), and you no longer think he is an outsider because he's worked with some really big brands.
(, Tue 26 Jun 2012, 1:05, archived)
# oh yes indeed
(, Mon 25 Jun 2012, 19:25, archived)
# Ha! Ha!
He'll be painting snogging Water Voles next!
(, Mon 25 Jun 2012, 19:29, archived)
# a thing of beauty
and clickies.

(, Mon 25 Jun 2012, 20:02, archived)
# what are the odds....
I did this last night...

(, Mon 25 Jun 2012, 20:03, archived)
# hahaha
(, Mon 25 Jun 2012, 20:10, archived)
# And another one with the "post directly to FP" switch engaged
*keep trying. keep getting the odd one on the popular page. best we mortals can aspire to.*
(, Mon 25 Jun 2012, 22:10, archived)
# Ultimately, an fp is a single person's vote,
whereas the popular page is the community vote and so is actually probably a better sign of quality.

I'm lucky that at least one mod must like my stuff, that's all (and, before the inevitable from someone - no, I am not that mod)

That said, what makes it to the fp / popular page rarely correlates with what I expect to do well. I've certainly made plenty of stuff I've been pleased with which has then gone down badly and vice-versa.

(, Mon 25 Jun 2012, 22:52, archived)
# Oh aye you take a roll of the dice with everything you do...
And I can never grumble about the quality of stuff that you put up here - it's a standard to aim at.

Sorry I wasn't having a biff at you, just a minor non-specific biff!
(, Mon 25 Jun 2012, 23:08, archived)
hahahaha i usually dont get/like most things on the front page because im not british but this is amazing
(, Mon 25 Jun 2012, 22:56, archived)