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# I avoid it
because it all looks blurry, black and white and gives me a headache
(, Wed 9 Jan 2013, 10:49, archived)
# ^ THIS
I thought I was missing something like amazing those magic eye pics?
(, Wed 9 Jan 2013, 10:51, archived)
# I often amaze those magic eye pics
They're simple little things, it doesn't take much to amaze them.

Also: I've seen two films in 3D -- Avatar and Alice in Wonderland. Avatar was visually impressive but shit, Alice in Wonderland was visually unimpressive and looked for all the world like a very high-class South Park-esque construction paper film. At the end of it, I had chafed ears and a chafed nose from having to wear 3D glasses on top of my normal glasses.
(, Wed 9 Jan 2013, 10:54, archived)
# Watch it on a good active 3d tv
Different experience all together. Much better.

The cinema passive systems are ho hum.

And glasses free consumer sets are already on sale, just stupid expensive.
(, Wed 9 Jan 2013, 11:00, archived)
# The wobbling 3d breasts at the beginning of MIB3 made the purchase price of my set worthwhile
(, Wed 9 Jan 2013, 11:03, archived)
# *goes to the shops to buy one now*
i hadn't been sold on the idea before, but i am now.

this is how they should advertise them.
(, Wed 9 Jan 2013, 12:28, archived)
# 3D porn is the only reason I can think of to buy a buy a 3D telly
(, Wed 9 Jan 2013, 12:59, archived)