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[challenge entry] SATIRE

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(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 14:53, archived)
# Ha ha ha!
Nicely Monkeon!
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 14:55, archived)
# Hahahaha
I've just returned from a champagne lunch to find a bunch of people bleating about how sad it is that we're gloating because someone's mother died.

I'm finding it extremely difficult to find any sympathy for the detestable racist Carol, nor the detestable, violent coup-sponsoring racist Mark. Am I missing something?
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 14:55, archived)
# no, they are scum.
But apparently one is meant to pretend that folk who only see their own desires are worthy of sympathy.
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 15:06, archived)
# Hm
It may be difficult to feign after so much celebrating with fizzy pop
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 15:10, archived)
# fizzy pop cures all, except a surfeit of fizzy pop
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 16:04, archived)
# I find the celebrating a little odd.
Ultimately her policies are what people have a problem with, and they are still very much alive. If anything, I find Cameron worse. There was a chance that Thatcher was doing what she felt was best for the country even if she did it with a bulldozer and fucked a lot up. The current lot seem far more clearly motivated by selfish reasons.

My reaction to her death is "meh".

I'm saving my champagne for the day Donald Trump dies.
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 15:12, archived)
# Celebrating Thatcher's death
sends a message to those still who think her policies are a good idea.
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 15:16, archived)
# Not over sure it does send out a message.
It seems more likely to increase the partisan divide, as her fans are more likely to see it as an attack on the person rather than the policies and use it as an example of the left behaving badly.
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 15:27, archived)
# I have to much resentment from the eighties to feel anything other than glee she has finally popped it
and that is that
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 15:42, archived)
# I'd say that living with dementia
is probably worse than death.

If you really hated her, you'd have been celebrating years ago!
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 16:08, archived)
[challenge entry] She's not dead, she's just resting
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 14:56, archived)
# haha
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 14:56, archived)
# :)
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 15:09, archived)
# Most awesome
(, Mon 8 Apr 2013, 17:25, archived)