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# Surely a big fart would expand in all directions
(, Mon 5 Jul 2021, 7:35, archived)
# At a rough calculation :
To lift a 63kg person (estimated weight of Marilyn plus space helmet) one metre off the ground, with negligible atmosphere (0.3 nPa) and gravity of 1.62 m/s², thrust perpendicular to the ground and released over several seconds, would require a thrust equivalent to One Really Long And Powerful Fart. To actually reach escape velocity and make it into orbit would require a particularly large and muscular large intestine and some degree of soiling may occur.

Can a gastroenterologist determine how many 400g cans of baked beans this would equate to? It's for a jet propulsion project I'm trying to get NASA/ESA funding for.
(, Mon 5 Jul 2021, 8:43, archived)
# the expoosive ejection of a sizeable follow-through would probably do the trick
(, Mon 5 Jul 2021, 11:14, archived)
# the resulting crater would be named conlectus excrementum
(, Mon 5 Jul 2021, 11:26, archived)
# Swiss Army Man sequel
Stranded, suicidal astronaut uses Monroe's flatulent cadaver for space adventures and self discovery, with a few light-hearted musical numbers.
(, Mon 5 Jul 2021, 13:14, archived)
# It’s not about the destination, it’s about methane. Methane.
(, Mon 5 Jul 2021, 13:42, archived)