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[challenge entry] A new Sick Boy record!

Web Stats just in and it appears I have managed to exhaust my 2Gb monthly bandwidth quotient in just seven, count them, seven days! I would like to especially thank the petrol-heads at the subaru, honda, mazda and nissan forums who's admiration for my work and their use of it on their boards is responsible for a large part of my site bombing in week one of July (I am quite flattered - really). And a big call out to my 1% friends in Australia, the Netherlands and Canada - Bo!
[EDIT] I am now hosting on my company's web site, shhhhhh!
[EDIT] And I would like to congratulate the good old U S of A for being top of the pops for the first time in my detectable list of locations!

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(, Tue 8 Jul 2003, 9:24, archived)
# don't forget that
everyone on AOL shows up as US Commercial..
(, Tue 8 Jul 2003, 9:29, archived)
# How do I explain....
...the 39 US Military hits? *looks around nervously*
(, Tue 8 Jul 2003, 9:30, archived)
# the Feds
are on to you!
(, Tue 8 Jul 2003, 9:31, archived)
# The Freds?
where? Dibnah?
(, Tue 8 Jul 2003, 9:33, archived)
# i had alot of US miltary
looking at the bunny site I made. allegedly.
(, Tue 8 Jul 2003, 9:35, archived)
# Were they trying to find..
Rabbits of Mass destruction ?
(, Tue 8 Jul 2003, 9:37, archived)
# HEE!!
So that's where that killer rabbit in the Monty Python movie came from. It's all your fault.

(, Tue 8 Jul 2003, 9:44, archived)
# I hope they are just Yanks with humour
rather than something more sinister
(, Tue 8 Jul 2003, 9:38, archived)
# I think the idea
of the US military looking at a site about rabbits is possibly one of the best counter-programming methods I can imagine...
(, Tue 8 Jul 2003, 9:48, archived)
# Bored and lonely troops
in Iraq.
(, Tue 8 Jul 2003, 9:53, archived)
# yeah
doesn't anything .com show up at US Commerical? and a rather lot of it isn't these days...
(, Tue 8 Jul 2003, 9:31, archived)
# I had assumed it was based....
...on clever IP stuff....but I have been known to err/lie.
(, Tue 8 Jul 2003, 9:32, archived)
# .htaccess
is your friend.
(, Tue 8 Jul 2003, 9:51, archived)
# what's that?
(, Tue 8 Jul 2003, 9:53, archived)
# Disallowing bandwidth theft
If you have your own domain, and your host supports Apache mod rewrite, you can disallow bandwidth theft.

All you have to do is create a small text file in Notepad, and upload it to the root directory in your domain.

Here's a great tutorial:

Keep one thing in mind, though... If you want to post YOUR OWN images to the B3ta messageboard, you will no longer be able to do it, as ALL remote linking will be blocked.

Best to use a free site host for that, or the web space provided by your ISP.

Good luck!
(, Tue 8 Jul 2003, 22:02, archived)