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# Part 3

what's this? elvis is off to the shops,
but he's left his hummus tied up in the yard.
this will surely end in disaster...
(, Sat 14 Sep 2002, 15:02, archived)
# excellent
werk! wow! who is it thats collecting elvis images? this is a great series!
(, Sat 14 Sep 2002, 15:04, archived)
# I think after I've finished the series
I'll put them all up on a site in chronological order anyway. a little elvis comic book.

thats what i just decided on the toilet, anyways

edit: oh yeah, its bovine who collects them.
(, Sat 14 Sep 2002, 15:11, archived)
# it's what he would have wanted
(your decision making location i mean)
(, Sat 14 Sep 2002, 15:13, archived)
# your elvis
scares me...
(, Sat 14 Sep 2002, 15:07, archived)
# this is developing into another rabbitheadboy
i can't wait to see where this goes.
If you crop it to just above the white flashy bits in the middlehe could be jetskiing
(, Sat 14 Sep 2002, 15:12, archived)
# actually, i've got a lovely bit of music playing
that that anim fits so well. If you wanted to make a flash of him riding around and just change the backgrounds it could work out really well.

Its Louis Austen's new single 'Amore' if you go to www.kitty-yo.de they should have a listenable version there
(, Sat 14 Sep 2002, 15:18, archived)
# excellent
(, Sat 14 Sep 2002, 15:15, archived)
# woo
very nice!
(, Sat 14 Sep 2002, 15:36, archived)
# That is
(, Sat 14 Sep 2002, 15:57, archived)