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[challenge entry] Exercise, bah! who needs it when...

Apologies for crapness and stuff, my first time you know.

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(, Thu 13 Apr 2006, 19:14, archived)
# aha but tis your second post! grrs
also you can post it as an image on the board rather than a link if you like
Go to the FAQ, go to about three quarters the way down and theres some info on posting pics in there

edit - ooh ooh i see a redex, getting warmer
(, Thu 13 Apr 2006, 19:16, archived)
# oh well your ok
read the faq as said above and i'm certain it will help

edit - i see your a pratchett fan - that is worth a woo by itself
(, Thu 13 Apr 2006, 19:25, archived)
# it's been done by me anywho:
sorry ;o) good one tho!
(, Thu 13 Apr 2006, 19:36, archived)
# <img src="http://www.b3tards.com/uploads/ajax_2_0.jpg">
if you copy and past the above subject into your message it will show the pic inline for you :)
(, Thu 13 Apr 2006, 19:57, archived)