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# check contents of box before handing over suspiciously little cash for shiny consumer goods

bless me b3ta for I have sinned, it has been many weeks since my last picture post...
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:07, archived)
# :) I used to buy those watches.
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:09, archived)
# i had one for 8 years, and it never needed a new battery
i reckon if i change it, it'd still work
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:11, archived)
# I never had a problem with the batteries,
but the wrist straps always snapped after a year or so. Maybe I have corrosive sweat.
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:13, archived)
# yes, the straps are shite
i went through a few, but they were so cheap, and the watch was only £7 anyway
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:16, archived)
# Yes, they were dirt cheap
and they make you look classy and sophisticated.
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:17, archived)
# i own three very expensive watches that i've been given through my life
which were less reliable and more easily damaged than my casio. i used to do a fairly manual job, and i got fed up with paying upwards of 50 quid a time for new wanky straps. pluss the flash watches NEVER have standard strap fittings. My dad actually returned my seiko to the managing director of Seiko in japan* when that strap died, as it wasn't available in europe. so fuck flash watches.

*in person
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:21, archived)
# I wish I could
return things to people in Japan in person. That would be an awesome life to have

I would return that Cup Noodle thing I bought years ago and didn't like because it wasn't a Pot Noodle.

If I was super rich I'd buy a plane ticket to Japan just so's I could walk up to Nissin's managing director chap and go "HUNGGRRYY? CUP NOODLE!"

(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:25, archived)
# he just happened to be going to japan on business, so he popped in
it's not as exiting as it seems
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:29, archived)
# Still, I like
the idea. The jet-set life of a serial complainer
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:30, archived)
# I had no idea you felt so strongly about watches.
To be honest I hardly bother with them any more, I just have a fairly fancy one for if I need to dress up smart.
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:25, archived)
# I just write
my favourite time on my wrist. 13:37 usually. CHURTLE!
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:27, archived)
# Doesn't that make you worry that time has stopped?
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:30, archived)
# It
wouldn't matter. It'd be leet time all the time!
(, Mon 31 Dec 2007, 13:33, archived)
# i'm gay for watches
i can't help it
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:30, archived)
# You love the tock?
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:35, archived)
# haha!
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:36, archived)
# In other news, b3ta must be broken, I'm on the popular page.
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:41, archived)
# I too am gay for watches
but I know what you are saying about them. IHave a Rolex Oyster perp which I have had years and has sat in a drawer years. I'm still of the age where I am usually pissed at the end of a night out and can still get into the odd scrap. Expensive anything is not a good idea. I have a couple of gold watches including a Breitling chronometer but my favourite for everyday use is my Tag Heuer Kirium which once I changed the metal link bracelet for the Tag leather strap has been on my wrist constantly.
I also remember getting a Longine Int. which was billed as the slimmest LCD watch in the world at 4mm. I have no idea what happened to that.
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 15:13, archived)
# Whatches?
I have three Oblong Fancometers with missing straps and a Twixbum Pumparound, but I hardly ever wear that because it smells of bile. There was also a Querrifine Jizzpanner which I dropped down a drain while busy telling people about how many expensive things I own.
(, Mon 31 Dec 2007, 14:28, archived)
# haha!
(, Fri 4 Jan 2008, 20:49, archived)
# you'll notice the watch on the pic only had the three buttons
it was a sort of halfway house - three buttons as opposed to 2 meant you had a stopwatch, but if you wanted to be ultra-showoff you had the 4 button version (back in 1979 this is)that proved you were cool. Or at least that's what the 4-buttoners told us 3-buttoners back in the day. But we all looked with disdain back on the 2- and no-buttoners.
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:17, archived)
# My watch has
no buttons. It's round and only tells the current time. WHAT SORT OF VICTORIAN NONSENSE IS THAT?
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:19, archived)
# Mine has flashy lights
but does the same thing
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:20, archived)
# I've had no watch for years, mainly because of work
they worry you'll tear great rending scratches in the paintwork, so I just guess the time. I'm usually right to within 1/4 of an hour
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:20, archived)
# Actually
my previous post was a complete lie. I don't wear a watch either (I just wanted to fit in) but I haven't really seen the need for one, and it makes
one arm slightly heavier than the other, which surely should cause some sort of lopsided gait. SURELY?
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:22, archived)
# can't you balance it out
with some Elizabeth Duke trashy bling chain and some sovereign rings, then you gain a symmetrical pose like a knuckle-dragging neanderthal and at the same time gain forearms like Popeyes'?
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:26, archived)
# Good plan.
Or I could just superglue a lot of heavy coinage to my hand
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:27, archived)
# i had a jelly swatch 20 something years ago, i liked it's tick
it went green and the strap broke, haven't worn a watch since
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:26, archived)
# i would comment
but i don't have the time.

must admit the idea of those huge tellies fills me with dread, they are without exception dog ugly and probably far too loud.
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:12, archived)
# They look like shit anyway
the picture, that is
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:16, archived)
# I watch the vast majority of TV
on my monitor now anyway. I might be upgrading to a 22" widescreen thingy soon...maybe even two or three...
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:19, archived)
# I have a 19" standard
and a 22" widescreen, together to form a big fun display which I use mainly just to watch episodes of Stargate on. And occasionally do work
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:26, archived)
# I just want 3 big screens so I can look cool
And for having a game on one, internet on the next, and TV on the other. Or something...depends on how much money I can bothered to spunk on stuff like that.
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 15:03, archived)
# i've got a flat screen thingy, not a massive one, but it's narrow.
don't think it's lcd i think it's the other sort whatever that is. but you have to look at it square on or it's no good.

/dislikes gadgets and any other stuff with lights that light up and make beep noises when you turn them on blog.

edit/having read monkdagola's reply, it is a lcd telly definitely isn't plasma, that's far too posh for me
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:22, archived)
# I has beeg 42" Plasma
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:38, archived)
# My grandad's is 50".
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 15:01, archived)
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 15:18, archived)
# Yeah, I left that one open.
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 15:19, archived)
# Your grandad is Verne Troyer
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 15:46, archived)
# Cor!
But turn it over, I've had enough of the Time Channel.
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:39, archived)
# I tried the stopwatch channel
once. It got boring after the first 5 minutes, 24 .76 seconds.
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:46, archived)
# press the reset button
it changes your whole perspective on shit, maaaannn...
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 14:48, archived)
# Pffft
Its funny because its about women and technology.

All is forgiven

Edit: fp woo hoo!
(, Sun 30 Dec 2007, 17:14, archived)
# hey,
I still have one!

(, Tue 1 Jan 2008, 21:43, archived)