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[challenge entry] ompo

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(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:21, archived)
# this is making me chuckle :)
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:23, archived)
# Result!
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:23, archived)
# hehehe
hes so please with himself
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:24, archived)
# ha ha...
...an instant classic!
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:26, archived)
# "An absolute Tour de Force"
*The Times*
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:28, archived)
# Is that a Jammy Dodger he's "enjoying"?

(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:26, archived)
# Wheres that, I want to make it 46 people
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:26, archived)
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:28, archived)
# Voted :)
Vote for my compo suggestion, it would have been alot better

See my sig
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:29, archived)
# Nope
eesa podaydo
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:29, archived)
# it is a bit pants
for the people who don't think they can animate... then again it may make them try which would be a good thing.
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:31, archived)
[challenge entry] This is my only real attempt at animating
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:32, archived)
# There's a smilie on it

EDIT: How rude! Its very good, I liked it the first time also.
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:33, archived)
# Lol Ok then
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:34, archived)
# :)
very good it is too :)

it's fairly easy to do just hellishly time consuming... just need to go for it.
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:34, archived)
# To be fair this was easy as I have thousands of images like this
from my summer project
I just had to cut out most of them to get it down to size, It could have been alot clearer, as the camera I used took 3000 FPS for it
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:36, archived)
# uber slow motion summer project :)
...what was the project?
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:39, archived)
# Looking at nucleation. It was quite boring and repetetive.
Ive filled a 120gig HD with these sequences.
But there are some where the droplet doesnt penetrate and bounces around a bit. If I can be arsed I may animate on of them
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:40, archived)
# bouncing is fun :)
*goes to wiki to look up nucleation*
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:44, archived)
# What software do you use for your anims?
Nucleation is boring.... I warned you!
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:47, archived)
# i make the frames in photoshop
then piece them together in image ready.. but i wanna upgrade my ram and get after effects and start learning and playign around in that which will make things a lot smoother looking... or hopefully so. most times i've tried to use it i sit and look at it perplexed. lol.. but i've never made a concerted effort.
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:52, archived)
# Sounds like making frames in one software then moving on to other is the only way really (for untalented cheapskates :D)

I did have the problem with colours disappearing in gimp when imported from paint.net
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:54, archived)
# bah, don't start me on colours disappearing
i think it's down to there only being allowed at most 256 colours in a gif.

when i did the yellow face thing it still had a back ground.. brought it into image ready and once optimized you could barel see the yellowness so i then had to go bac and rub out the background :(
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:59, archived)
# Its just patience and perseverance to make good stuffs then :D
I have neither of those things
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 2:01, archived)
# Animation is easy:
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:37, archived)
# Hahahaha what?!
Thats awesome!
I just dont really have the paitence or software for it really.
That ^ up there was done in paint.net and gimp
Saving each frame in paint.net then putting them together in gimp. (I really dont like gimp)
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:39, archived)
# Me neither (software/patience)
Using Paintshop Pro + Animation Shop atm. I should learn something proper, but I still wouldn't have the patience.
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:47, archived)
# I would like animation shop, where can one find it
/has vista and its not on there I think blog
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:48, archived)
# It used to come with PaintShop Pro,
then they stopped doing that so I nicked it off an old version on PSP. Looks like you could probably acquire PSP9 and get it. It's not a great program though, you're probably better off getting Adobe ImageReady or something.
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:54, archived)
# My laptop is a big fucked tho, I think I fried my ram as its constantly about 50% in use
My new Ram is getting delivered on friday mind (Mainly to play spore)
There'll be torrents for imageready, and probably tuts online wont there.
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:57, archived)
# I reckon so
I'm not sure if ImageReady is still made though, there might be a better program these days!
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 2:01, archived)
# the voice of experience says yes :)
although i got mine in a cs2 pack

which is the newest version of image ready as it's functions have been put into photoshop cs3 so I'm told... but i aint been bothered to upgrade.
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 2:03, archived)
# Ah the gayshift, so much more helpful then the day shift
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 2:05, archived)
# Yes I have Photoshop CS3 Extended which I got from a torrent
(because I'm time rich and cash poor at the moment)

It has all the animation stuff in there.
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 2:10, archived)
# I'll try and find a torrent tomorrow or something
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 2:12, archived)
# "What's the time?
It's time to get ILLegal copies of software"
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 2:24, archived)
# this is prime gold mental :D
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:41, archived)
# This glees me in ways I don't fully understand.
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 1:43, archived)
# i voted for sharxcheese.
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 3:38, archived)
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 2:01, archived)
# i hate him, but that's good.
(, Thu 18 Sep 2008, 3:22, archived)