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[challenge entry]
(, Thu 19 Jul, 15:56, More)
[challenge entry] Drinking buddy
(, Thu 19 Jul, 13:46, More)
# opportunities are endless!
(, Thu 19 Jul, 8:36, More)
[challenge entry] wakka wakka wakka
(, Thu 19 Jul, 5:08, More)
[challenge entry] Sorry.
(, Wed 18 Jul, 10:46, More)
[challenge entry]
(, Wed 18 Jul, 15:37, More)
[challenge entry] Steadicam corridor maze swap
(, Tue 17 Jul, 23:05, More)
[challenge entry] The Shining is filmed in front of a live audience......

It has certainly been a long time since I was on here.
(, Wed 18 Jul, 14:23, More)
# reach for th' sky, hombres
(, Wed 18 Jul, 15:44, More)
[challenge entry]
(, Tue 17 Jul, 23:33, More)
[challenge entry] Alright b3ta?
Just passing by with this old pearoast
Thanks Octo
(, Tue 17 Jul, 22:19, More)
[challenge entry] She never quite made it to the Major Leagues
(, Tue 17 Jul, 17:17, More)
[challenge entry] Don't forget the signs...
(, Tue 17 Jul, 23:00, More)
[challenge entry] TRUMPTRIS™
(, Tue 17 Jul, 22:37, More)
# A brief respite from Trump
(, Tue 17 Jul, 0:10, More)
# The Saviour Has Arrived
(, Tue 17 Jul, 19:47, More)
[challenge entry] Hnnnnggg

Heere's floofy!
(, Tue 17 Jul, 16:08, More)
[challenge entry] what are you gonna do.. charge me for smoking? Wahoo FP! in your face losers.. (but thanks)
if ya no what i mean..
(, Tue 17 Jul, 14:33, More)
# Does anyone know if this one's been photoshopped?

It's hard to tell sometimes.
(, Sat 14 Jul, 22:46, More)
[challenge entry] Ra! Ra! Trumputin!
Russia's hybrid war machine,
He tricked America from the inside.
Ra Ra Trumputin,
Unhinged ranting Tweet machine,
Spreading hate in everyday life
(, Tue 17 Jul, 10:51, More)

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