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This is a link post This week's ambient waddle in to the ether I made this!

(, Wed 17 Jul 2019, 8:11, More)
This is a link post I done a play about having my moob cut off I made this!
A couple of years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. As part of the most middle-class-fallilng-on-my-feet thing ever, I got better and wrote a comedy drama for Radio 4, loosely based on the experience. Oh, and in this version of events, my tumour is a tiny Nigel Farage, because I like getting abuse on Twitter, also satire.

MAKING PLANS WITH NIGEL is on Radio 4 today at 2:15, and available to stream via the link above or BBC Sounds for one month. It stars Mark "Early Doors" Benton as Stu, Sally "Corrie" Lindsay as Natalie and Lewis MacLeod from out off/off of Dead Ringers as the voice of Nigel. Hope you like it.
(, Tue 16 Jul 2019, 8:12, More)
This is a link post Back at Tat hunting. I made this!
Tat Vision Episode 21 Ray Gun.
Tried out the exploding head but I think I need a shotgun...

(, Sun 14 Jul 2019, 9:37, More)
This is a link post I made these pictures move I made this!
and then I had a Magnum

(, Sun 14 Jul 2019, 19:14, More)
This is a link post Just One Night (one night mix) I made this!
Tonight I decided to remix a small (really small) bit of Natalie Cole's "Miss You Like Crazy" and it turned into some kind of deep house club mix thing, which I rather liked. I hope you do too!
Just One Night (one night mix)
Here's the first version of a remix I did of a small bit of Natalie Cole's "Miss you like crazy". Has a proper lead-out.

(, Fri 12 Jul 2019, 21:25, More)
This is a link post Indie Game Preview: Polar Jump I made this!
Parkour, in the snow. Why? I have no idea.

p.s. I didn't post last week because I was away at a conference. So here is She Remembered Caterpillars too)

(, Fri 12 Jul 2019, 20:39, More)
This is a link post Wettest Ist Best I made this!
Hydration is important. Sketch with a cameo from water-fan Kevin Costner.

(, Fri 12 Jul 2019, 7:23, More)
This is a link post My name is.. NSFW I made this!
Another one I made for JOE.
(, Thu 11 Jul 2019, 10:07, More)
This is a link post Crowd Envy I made this!
Not taking any chances this time...

(, Thu 11 Jul 2019, 9:19, More)
This is a link post RIP LouLou I made this!
Pea ing this because the star of the video LouLou unfortunately passed away today :-(
(, Wed 10 Jul 2019, 17:19, More)
This is a link post Another ambient wandering I made the other day (contains little, if any, sick) I made this!

(, Wed 10 Jul 2019, 8:15, More)
This is a link post Darker uke tune I made this!
Ukulele music is always so happy, so I thought I would play around with some darker themes tonight.

(, Sat 6 Jul 2019, 20:25, More)
This is a link post I done a music video! I made this!
Check out the music video for the Lizards - Astro Boy. Made with a lot of my Tat.
(, Sun 7 Jul 2019, 10:08, More)
This is a link post Hours Played 12:56pm - 3:10pm I made this!
First part of my attempt to make Christian Marclay's The Clock but with video games. It's 2 hours 14 minutes long with a 9 minute intermission. Best viewed at 12:56pm.

(, Sun 7 Jul 2019, 10:49, More)
This is a link post New quiz : Match the art to the comment I made this!

(, Fri 5 Jul 2019, 18:32, More)
This is a link post Centuries of Sound - 1915 I made this!
The usual mix of original music and sounds, this time from...

This is a weird fucking year, seriously. Also been snowed under with work and barely got this done. Anyway, stream and download under the link, etc.
(, Thu 4 Jul 2019, 21:08, More)
This is a link post Missed the Boat I made this!
Sketch I made about Irish expats in Germany and how Berlin isn't 'Berlin' anymore.

(, Fri 5 Jul 2019, 6:18, More)
This is a link post Indie Game Review: Shrine of the God-Ape I made this!
Platformy fun... with gun monkeys! Enjoyed this one!

(, Fri 28 Jun 2019, 15:33, More)
This is a link post Algonory - Episode 1 - The Faraway Chair by Algo Blyton (1968) I made this!
I trained a neural network on Enid Blyton, this is what happened.

(, Thu 27 Jun 2019, 13:38, More)
This is a link post Kind of drone ambient this one I made this!

(, Wed 26 Jun 2019, 14:42, More)

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