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This is a link post Trump Supporters being Trump supporters NSFW
A few weeks old, but i don't think this has been posted here.
(, Wed 5 Aug 2020, 16:43, More)
This is a link post Black Hole Big Bang Theory
- not the one with Sheldon bumming Amy in blackface, but a stoner theory actually elevated to "real science" status.

The Big Bang may be a black hole inside another universe

We may be living in a daughter universe inside of black hole from a mother universe.
(, Wed 5 Aug 2020, 8:31, More)
This is a link post A flying grain silo

(, Wed 5 Aug 2020, 7:09, More)
This is a link post The sweetcorn beetle
"The aquatic beetle Regimbartia attenuata can actively escape from the vent of the frog Pelophylax nigromaculatus via the digestive system. This beetle species may promote frog excretion to facilitate its escape."
(, Tue 4 Aug 2020, 7:32, More)
This is a link post Shipping Forecast - Acid House Remix I made this!
Remix by old b3tan Ricardo Autobahn.

With visual help from Happy Toast and Dr Dunno.

(, Tue 4 Aug 2020, 17:59, More)
This is a link post Sausage Piano
German engineering at it finest.

(, Tue 4 Aug 2020, 13:22, More)
This is a link post Centuries of Sound - 1927 I made this!

Hello /links!

As you probably know, I've been making these mixes for every year for a while now, quite a lot of this has been trying so persuade people to try listening to badly-recorded, not-very-good-anyway music. That's finally over, 1927 is genuinely up there with the best years of recorded music, and I am really not joking here.

Under the link: stream, download, blog post, etc.

This is a good one to share with anyone you think may be interested!
(, Tue 4 Aug 2020, 10:19, More)
This is a link post I know there are some old ravers here
I'm literally on fucking fire, my b3ta account is old enough to vote, and I'm wondering where the time has gone.

This chap is banging out new jungle/hardcore on old equipment, and it's making me all nostalgic.

Worth checking out more of his stuff if you were fond of a cup of tea and a disco biscuit back in the day
(, Mon 3 Aug 2020, 9:58, More)
This is a link post jonathan coulton's braindead episode recaps
dont watch these! if you haven't seen braindead and still intend to, or if you can't stand jonathan coulton's whimsy, or if you have seen braindead, but didn't like it.
i just binged the show and loved it, and i think jonathan coulton's great so, er, watch them or don't.
(, Mon 3 Aug 2020, 6:28, More)
This is a link post A website entirely devoted to Hans Moleman
No idea why but this just makes me happy

Mostly Moleman

Hans Moleman fan site
(, Sat 1 Aug 2020, 21:24, More)
This is a link post He's naked (mild NSFW) NSFW
His other tracks are really good, but this one seemed important.
(, Sat 1 Aug 2020, 20:17, More)
This is a link post Mr Men theme cover I made this!

(, Sun 2 Aug 2020, 18:25, More)
This is a link post RIP Wilford Brimley
Time to revisit one of the finest youtube remixes ever made

(, Sun 2 Aug 2020, 13:17, More)
This is a link post Frog and Toad - Behind the Scenes
A peek behind the scenes of the stop-motion animated children's films Frog and Toad Are Friends

(, Sun 2 Aug 2020, 0:36, More)
This is a link post 4 Days in Texas NSFW
Marked NSFW because of the hard R. Debate into the void.
(, Sat 1 Aug 2020, 18:01, More)
This is a link post Enhance.
No idea how they did this.
(, Sat 1 Aug 2020, 20:50, More)
This is a link post NASA Astronauts Return Home in SpaceX's Crew Dragon Spacecraft
in 6+ hours
(, Sat 1 Aug 2020, 16:02, More)

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