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This is a question Tinkering

This "week" Grrrmachine asks "What object have you modified to improve it?" Tell us of your successes and epic failures.

(, Mon 1 Aug 2016, 9:29)

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Ever since mini-biscuit started insisting on farting around with our garage door opener keyfob every time he got his sticky little fingers on it, I got really tired of always having to trot down to the basement to see if he'd managed to leave it open or not.

One Raspberry Pi, a couple of magnet sensors, a relay board, a bit of woodwork and a wee bit of coding later and I can see if the bloody thing is up or down from anywhere in the world. I even wrote a webpage especially for mini-biscuit that just contains a massive button the size of the full screen so even he can fumble around and eventually manage to press the button to open it for me.

Even better than that, was writing an app so that my telephone periodically works out if it has a bluetooth connection to the car, and if it does then it reports its location back to the Pi every so often - the upshot is that the Pi knows where the car is, and so as soon as I turn onto our street it opens the door up and I don't have to lift a finger any more and can instead concentrate on sweeping majestically in like a smug wanker.

Magic. Now don't you nice people go trying to hack it, now will you...

(, Fri 5 Aug 2016, 14:39, 11 replies)
I now own two pi's
And to go with them, three boxes of disgusted skit I bought to create what were described online as "simple raspberry pi projects".
(, Fri 5 Aug 2016, 18:35, closed)

ed ing ki ca
(, Sat 6 Aug 2016, 13:04, closed)
I learnt about 3 lines of Python before giving up and slapping Kodi on my Pi so that it can payback DVDs from my NAS.
The Pi Zero never even made it out of the blister pack. I'm suitably ashamed whenever the kids remind me of it's existence.
(, Mon 8 Aug 2016, 9:19, closed)
Please tell me more about your Pi/KODI project
as I also have a NAS and a "smart" TV that cannot play x265 files that I legally obtained from friends online.
(, Tue 9 Aug 2016, 7:02, closed)
My "smart" TV is also too dim to play back anything,
so I downloaded OSMC: osmc.tv/download/
Trivial to set up. OpenElec is the same, and has slightly more support within the Kodi community (Sam Nazarko of OSMC appears to have become a bit of a pariah).
(, Thu 11 Aug 2016, 9:21, closed)
Get a fire stick if you just want to run kodi.
The pi won't play amazon video or Netflix and probably never will.
(, Tue 16 Aug 2016, 19:41, closed)
Mine's a home-made ambilight system.

It also acts as a router for Netflix so I can run it through vpn's.

I've got some scripts to fetch the endpoints and edit them to point to a local credential file via sed.
(, Sat 6 Aug 2016, 15:10, closed)
I've done something similar using a Belkin Wemo Maker

(, Sun 7 Aug 2016, 23:51, closed)
Belm-kin, more like
which is also what we call your family
(, Tue 9 Aug 2016, 7:02, closed)
His family identifies as belms?

(, Thu 11 Aug 2016, 12:19, closed)
and youre not packaging this up and marketing it as a product becuase????
seriously - if this works, I cant see why you dont persue it. Good logic, good work.
(, Fri 12 Aug 2016, 14:54, closed)

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