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This is a question Best and worst TV ads

"I'd like to give that dodo off the 5 Alive adverts a good kicking," says tom.joad. And luckily, there's tasty, tasty Cillit Bang to clean up the blood stains when you've finished. Tell us about TV adverts.

(, Thu 15 Apr 2010, 15:17)
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No... Advertising is the problem.
Those rules you bemoan are there because the manipulative fucks who write adverts would otherwise lie even more in the pursuit of more customers for some second-rate bubbly water.
Take note of the small-print-filled shit that is makeup advertising to see how much advertisers want to decieve, but can't. Watch some knuckle-dragger's loan adverts to see just how low advertisers will go and how small they'll make the print.
Advertisers are scum and you know it.
(, Tue 20 Apr 2010, 17:46, 1 reply)
actually...the clients would be the scum
Ad agencies aren't the ones offering credit cards at 45% interest. They're the ones tasked with polishing the turds.

The rules are there because thick people think that buying Wham-O Hair Oil will make them irresistible to women and then want to sue when it doesn't. Most beauty creams are about 80% water, with basically sheep fat (Lanolin) or some other organic agent that will a) dry the skin slightly to tighten it (thus "reducing wrinkles") and which will give a slightly slick feel making the gullible old crone who thinks face-lard will make her dried-up fanny appealing to those under 50 the impression that her skin feels smoother.

Toothpastes? About 80% chalk/gypsum with some other bits and pieces.

Manufacturers are targeting the idiots, those with more money than brains and those desperate to believe that product X will, in some way, improve their life/self worth/sexual prowess, etc. The ad agency comes in when the manufacturer says "Right, we have made this load of old toss, which is 99% the same as all the other old toss out there - how can we differentiate it?".

Ad people aren't liars - they are cynical fuckers who are just trying to sell shit we don't want/need on behalf of the idiots who made this crap in the first place.
(, Tue 20 Apr 2010, 18:02, closed)
I always knew that
wogs and benders were to blame for everything.
(, Tue 20 Apr 2010, 18:09, closed)
it's the weak-minded beige people with no spine who think that every tiny minority should somehow be held up higher than the rest of society - I am all for equality, but it should be just that. If ads can be made where men look stupid and women ogle them, then there should be no objection to doing it the other way around.
(, Tue 20 Apr 2010, 18:14, closed)
They fucking are, you know.

(, Thu 22 Apr 2010, 0:25, closed)
for the record...
I come from a tech/science background, have a long history in IT/Tech work and this career is one I have because I can work shorter hours and earn a rather obscene amount of money in comparison to my other jobs. Having said that, I view it all as an exercise in snake-oil-selling and I am happily studying for more tech-related certification to go elsewhere down the line.

Remember, if people didn't want to buy the stuff, no amount of advertising in the world would make them - no-one forces you to take out a Capital One card, or a Loans4U loan, etc - it's just the greed of the unintelligent saying "yeah, I may live in a council house on the dole, but why can't I have a holiday in Antigua and a new car?", after all...
(, Tue 20 Apr 2010, 18:13, closed)
Add people are there to manipulate people into thinking they need something they don't or that one identical product is better than another.
If I stand on a corner and tell people "the doctor in there is great!" so he can take out their kidneys amd sell them, does that make me innocent?
You are scum because you peddle the products of scum.
(, Tue 20 Apr 2010, 18:14, closed)
Oh stroll on
Isn't there something else you could be getting your panties in a bunch over?
(, Wed 21 Apr 2010, 8:27, closed)
Behave yourself.
If people didn't buy this shite there'd be no cause for advertising as everything would be bought be a well-informed, savvy set of consumers. Supply and demand, blame the people who buy the shit you're so inexplicably bothered about for being fucking thick or accept that maybe, just maybe, they wanted to buy something which you consider worthless.
(, Wed 21 Apr 2010, 11:07, closed)
I'm scum?
I work hard, act ethically and pay my taxes.

I'd figure the fucktards who buy shit they can't afford, haivng ignored all the written prompts about interest rates on the forms they are signing and then look to blame someone else for the fact they bought a sofa form DFS, a TV on credit from Dixons and ran up the credit card on tat from Primark are the scum, personally...

I earn good money and if I can't buy something with cash, I don't buy it - that way I am not up to my fucking eyeballs in debt and whinging. It's meant I haven't had a holiday other than to take a week off to sit in the garden since my honeymoon three years ago, whilst debt-riddled chavs jet off to Ibiza on a weekly basis, but I don't bitch about that - on the other hand, if they fail to pay the glorified loan sharks back for their debt I have zero sympathy and the greedy shits deserve all the grief they get. Along with the arseholes who thought (our PM included) that lending large sums of money to people whose only income was basically the goodwill of the taxpayer (benefits) was a good fucking idea.

I don't hate anyone based on gender, race, religion or sexuality. but I do despise the unintelligent when they think they somehow have a god-given right to a lifestyle they can't afford and then whine when they are asked to pay for it.

MY taxes, and those of everyone who actually pays them, will go up to pay for such fucking stupidity, yet you have the bollocks to stand up and call me scum for building a website to advertise mouthwash. Your lack of perspective on society astounds me. You utter moron.
(, Wed 21 Apr 2010, 16:13, closed)
Ah, I understand now.
People "less clever" than you deserve to be conned. The fact that someone wasn't well educated and is less than bright means that they ought to pay you money.
Yes, there are lazy scroungers out there -- but there are also decent people who happen to be gullible. People like you telling them to pay money to so that they will have a better life are merely exploitative scum.
It may surprise you to learn that I'm a[na almost militant at times] capitalist -- but your view of those less intelligent than yourself as people who deserve what they get is, frankly, making me reconsider my position.
You make your money by manipulating other people into spending theirs the way your employers want them to -- you are scum.
(, Wed 21 Apr 2010, 19:18, closed)
If you're so fucking thick
that your purchasing habits are influenced by vapid advertising claims then you DO deserve everything you get.

Fat spastics who try to blame MacDonald's for their own inability to eat properly are no different from the cunts who blame the education system for their badly-behaved, insolent children.

No-one is forcing these witless cretins to eat shit and rub 'scientific' bollocks into their faces in the misguided belief that it 'combats the five sizes of aging'. Whatever happened to personal responsibility?
(, Thu 22 Apr 2010, 0:32, closed)
If I was to choose my doctor
on the basis that someone I didn't know told me they were 'great' and they turned out not to be, that would be MY OWN STUPID FAULT for being such a mug.
(, Thu 22 Apr 2010, 0:57, closed)

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