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This is a question Amazing Projects

We here at B3ta love it when a plan comes together. Tell us about incredible projects and stuff you've built by your own hand. Go on, gloat away.

Thanks to A Vagabond for the suggestion

(, Thu 17 Nov 2011, 13:12)
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Days off when the weather is shit....
I got into a conversation with a flatmate about how it would be nice to not be restricted to one meat and two veg for dinner. Surely the more meat the better right? The only time I can think of when it is socially acceptable to have more than one type of meat on your plate is at Christmas, when you have turkey (bland) and pigs in blankets (2 types of pork, or for the more adventurous beef sausage connoisseur would equate to a total of 3). So I bought lots of meat (okay, technically only 4 different animals but 5 types of meat), and spent the best part of a day making the best sausage ever. Pictures and text and shit here.
(, Tue 22 Nov 2011, 10:15, 14 replies)

It is socially acceptable at all times to have more than one type of meat on your plate.

Dead animals are for life, not just for Christmas.
(, Tue 22 Nov 2011, 12:07, closed)
That is EPIC
Was it tasty?

*bookmarks for later*
(, Tue 22 Nov 2011, 13:10, closed)
My other housemate is a lazy fuck
and she has a slow cooker. She just tips loads of vegetables, meat and water into it and lets it stew for the day. Resulting in the house smelling not dissimilar to my Grans after a full three days of boiling cabbage and being incontinent all over the couch.

This made the house smell like heaven for at least 3 days, and by God it was the tastiest thing ever. I stretched it to sandwiches for a few days after too. Sure, I have no feeling in my extremities any more, but it was worth it.
(, Wed 23 Nov 2011, 9:19, closed)
More meat and less veg is all good fun,
until you realise that you can no longer shit.
(, Tue 22 Nov 2011, 13:28, closed)
Butt shirly that is what collostomy bags and colonic irigation is for?

(, Tue 22 Nov 2011, 17:48, closed)
Good plan.
Tie of the colostomy bag, and you've got a new sausage.
The colonic? That's just gravy...
(, Tue 22 Nov 2011, 20:08, closed)
Meat feast pizza.
(, Tue 22 Nov 2011, 22:29, closed)
A point well made sir.
If I had a hat, and I knew what doffing was, I would doff my hat to you. Or for you. However it works. Just think hats and doffing.
(, Wed 23 Nov 2011, 9:23, closed)
Mixed grill?
(, Wed 23 Nov 2011, 19:41, closed)
I guess I should quantify this further
Mixed grills are an amazing amount of flesh on one plate, however it's unlikely to be a dish you would have every night. I hope.

What I was looking for was rather than cooking multiple meats, having one big meat consisting of various others that would be an average sized portion for dinner, that you could eat maybe a few nights a week. If you see what I mean.
(, Wed 23 Nov 2011, 21:21, closed)
Not quite cruel enough.
I would have used veal instead of chicken, for that full on baby-calf-killing-wrongmo goodness.
(, Tue 22 Nov 2011, 23:20, closed)
I was toying
with the idea of venison. I wanted to throw some duck in there too. But meats like that on a budget where I am are pretty hard to come by.

The other thing I wasn't sure about was do I layer it like I did, or do I flatten it all out into one big sheet and roll it to make a more swirly cross-section. It's not easy, with so many variables.
(, Wed 23 Nov 2011, 9:25, closed)
That certainly meats all of my requirements

(, Wed 23 Nov 2011, 11:52, closed)
He's pleased to meet you, with meats to please you.

(, Wed 23 Nov 2011, 14:30, closed)

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