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This is a question Anonymous

One of the B3ta team danced on stage at the Brixton Academy dressed as an enormous white rabbit, and lived to tell the tale. Confess the stuff – good or bad - you've done anonymously.

(, Thu 14 Jan 2010, 12:10)
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Office Fun..
Mainly involves:

1)Using cable ties on chair levers so they drop when sat on.
2)covering the laser on the mice so they dont work
3)Moving the keys around on the keyboard
4)sending emails from peoples pc's declaring their love to other colleagues when they leave their desk.
5)taking screenshots of their desktops and using them in a continuous looped powerpoint presentation.
6)Painting shoes with Tip-ex when doing cabling
7)cutting laces on work boots
8)continuous call back on phones
9)using the contents of the paper shredder to fill peoples jacket pockets/work boots
10)writing the work 'Cock' on paper in the printer tray

still undetected as yet! excluding number 6 where i did get caught once...
(, Thu 14 Jan 2010, 13:45, 4 replies)
You are Colin Hunt...

(, Thu 14 Jan 2010, 15:20, closed)
I'm just bored....

but i do like the Tie!
(, Thu 14 Jan 2010, 15:45, closed)

click for 6!
(, Fri 15 Jan 2010, 13:11, closed)

Click click click! Brilliant!
(, Fri 15 Jan 2010, 13:59, closed)

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