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This is a question Anonymous

One of the B3ta team danced on stage at the Brixton Academy dressed as an enormous white rabbit, and lived to tell the tale. Confess the stuff – good or bad - you've done anonymously.

(, Thu 14 Jan 2010, 12:10)
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Does this count?
As is normal for a Saturday night I got pretty hammered a few weeks ago and I ended up meeting some girl. At the end of the evening she said she was leaving and we discovered we didn't live too far apart so decided to share a cab. Talk got sexy in the back and before long two drops-offs turned into one and we were heading back to her place.

I wasn't sure if she remembered my name, but I certainly didn't remember hers and I wasn't about to blow my chances by asking. So we spent the evening drinking, eating some cookies she'd baked and having sex all over the house.

The next morning on the way home I phoned my mate and asked him, "so, do you know who the fuck I went home with last night. I have no fucking idea!!". Through some nifty detective work we were able to deduce her name, but it wasn't easy.

Does that count as anonymous sex?
(, Sat 16 Jan 2010, 3:11, 2 replies)
If it does
I have lots of those tales.
(, Sat 16 Jan 2010, 14:58, closed)
i ask for their number, then hand them the phone to fill it in
havn't done this for a while though as the last time i did this i eventually married her.
(, Tue 19 Jan 2010, 13:25, closed)

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