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This is a question Anonymous

One of the B3ta team danced on stage at the Brixton Academy dressed as an enormous white rabbit, and lived to tell the tale. Confess the stuff – good or bad - you've done anonymously.

(, Thu 14 Jan 2010, 12:10)
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The can
didn't explode in the freezer then?

(, Tue 19 Jan 2010, 11:26, 1 reply)
If you chuck it the freezer and leave it it probably would explode, never tried it though. Chilled down to +2, then -1 in the commercial freezer. After quite a few hours to -5 then -20. Took over 24 hours. The can was rather tubby but no it didn't explode. I've just put a can of coke in the house fridge this morning, I'll report back if it explodes.
(, Wed 20 Jan 2010, 1:57, closed)
Ah okay then
My understanding of such things was always that when water freezes to a solid state, it expands, and in this scenario would result in the can being ruptured. I fail to understand how gradually lowering the temperature of the drink would make a difference. Might have to write in to Mythbusters with this one!
(, Wed 20 Jan 2010, 9:06, closed)

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