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This is a question Anonymous

One of the B3ta team danced on stage at the Brixton Academy dressed as an enormous white rabbit, and lived to tell the tale. Confess the stuff – good or bad - you've done anonymously.

(, Thu 14 Jan 2010, 12:10)
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Crouch in yer float
Short, not sure if you will find it funny or wrong:

In our pre-teens, my mate Ross earnt the sobriquet "the phantom shitter" (not the most imaginative I grant you, but we were 11 and 12).

He always need to shit when we were out playing Just William style games (turned up to 11).

The 2 that had us crying with painful laughter were:

Shitting on our Spanish friend Pedros dad's (real name!)Seat Toledo roof, and using his socks (which he threw away) to shape it into a police light.

Also, getting caught short near the local dairy, and curling one out on the driver's seat of a milk float. I hope the poor driver didn't jump straight in the next morning in the dark.
(, Tue 19 Jan 2010, 15:08, 3 replies)
Ha ha
I had an Australian housemate about 11 years ago - he was only over for a summer to play cricket, and really didn't like our nosy old neighbour, to the point where he left a "Mr Whippy" on his doorstep the day before flying home. Which was not nice.
(, Tue 19 Jan 2010, 15:12, closed)
2 pints today...christ that smells off :)
(, Tue 19 Jan 2010, 15:20, closed)
i just can't stop giggling at the thought of some little kid on top of his mate's dad's car, modelling a turd with his sock-covered hands!
(, Tue 19 Jan 2010, 19:29, closed)

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