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This is a question Bad gigs

Been to see some talentless gits on stage recently? Had your enjoyment spoiled by a twat with an iPad filming the whole thing? Been bottled off? Tell us all

(, Thu 25 Jul 2013, 14:00)
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Bob Dylan
He may have been relevant and indeed a top songwriter in the 60s. When I saw him at wembley arena in 2005, something had shifted somewhat.

His voice, whilst never the most classic of sounds when in his prime at least fitted his tunage, now aged 426 years old, he sounded like an arthritic hoover half full of gravel.

He had chosen to rearrage the vast majority of his songs, that in itself is the artists right and one I applaud...if it makes the songs better. If it makes them all 20 minutes long with a self indulgent whiney mouth organ solo, it should be banned.

The audience interaction was pointless, no-one could work out what he was saying anyway.

His "performance" involved sitting on a chair whilst about 20 people on stage carried him.

The Wembley arena only sold Carling, which everyone knows is the most fucking rank pisswater in the world ...well, apart from Carlsberg of course.

Don't bother seeing your heroes peoples; They're fucking shit.
(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 11:10, 20 replies)
Never understood the world's love for Bob Dylan. Ok, so he writes some poignant lyrics
but his guitar playing is elementary at best and his singing is plain shit.

He should have written songs for other people from the start.
(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 11:36, closed)
Horrible fucking drivel.
(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 11:38, closed)
^This too^
Only half decent thing he ever did was get the Beatles into MASSIVE drugs.

Whiney, pube-haired cuntboil.
(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 11:42, closed)
stealing that.
(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 12:02, closed)
His songs are invariably done far better by other people. At least Leonard Cohen can roughly carry a tune.
(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 12:32, closed)
Personally I think he is an excellent guitarist and a great singer.
Nobody sings Dylan like Dylan.
(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 13:36, closed)
Thank God.
One nasal, tuneless windbag is quite enough THANKYOU VERY MUCH
(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 13:55, closed)
He's shit and anyone who likes him is MASSIVE FUCKING SPASTIC.

Just sayin
(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 13:55, closed)
You state your case clearly and comprehensively, rebutting each point in turn
Good work.
(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 14:52, closed)

Huzzah! Bob Dylan's Mum is posting on b3ta!
(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 20:05, closed)
I love his inspirational harmonica playing best.
It sounds like a fucking accordion having an asthma attack and that spasticated neckstand thing he wears round his neck reminds me of those 1970s dental braces, you know, the fucking wire cage numbers.

He can't sing or play an instrument and all those knobhead mid 60s US students with their wanker politics and bead stroking were all fucking morons. Joan Baez is worse though.
(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 13:58, closed)
I also think he is a brilliant harmonica player.
Seriously, have you ever tried making one of those things sound good?
(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 14:51, closed)
Upon my life I am ten times the harmonica player he is and I am extremely shit. He really has had long enough to learn, and all he does in the old honking breathe in and out 'technique'. Compared with him, Mick Jagger is Little fucking Walter.
(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 15:23, closed)
A well played harmonica is a joy
but nothing good ever came from a harmonica in a neck brace. Neil Young was worse at it than Dylan.
(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 16:00, closed)
I have to say, with the exception of a couple of Buffalo Springfield numbers I have even less time for Young than I do Dylan.
So happily I shall take your word for it and keep on 'rockin' in the free world' of my ignorance.
(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 16:25, closed)
Bob Hite from Canned Heat was a great player in my EXPERT opinion, as was the chappie in J Geils Band.

(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 16:27, closed)
The best Dylan song I've ever heard was a Dutch-language cover, done by someone who could actually sing.

(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 19:27, closed)

(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 11:49, closed)

(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 13:59, closed)

(, Mon 29 Jul 2013, 14:16, closed)

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