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This is a question The best thing I've built

Wehttamman asks: My dad and I once built a go-kart from chipboard, pram wheels and an engine from a lawn mower. It didn't work... so tell us about your favourite things you've made, and whether they were a triumph or complete failure.

(, Thu 11 Oct 2012, 12:00)
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Student project
Not me but one of my students who decided to make a rugby training aid for a technology project.

All went well with the small scale tests which sent ping pong balls scurrying around the classroom. Then he ramped it up to full size and used a car starter motor to launch a full size rugby ball...

..Straight through the classroom wall!
(, Tue 16 Oct 2012, 12:08, 4 replies)
Was the classroom a portacabin?
Cos if it wasn't and was a brick wall then I have difficulty believing this happened
(, Tue 16 Oct 2012, 16:12, closed)

Plasterboard is quite possible.
(, Tue 16 Oct 2012, 21:36, closed)
In a moment of absentmindedness I forgot that it might have been an interior wall
I had images of it flying though the wall, between the posts and over the crossbar
(, Tue 16 Oct 2012, 22:56, closed)
If it was in my old school I can well believe it happened.
It was such a shoddy construction job I'd bet it's collapsed or been condemned by now.
(, Tue 16 Oct 2012, 22:41, closed)

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