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This is a question Biggest opportunity I've blown

Not Alan Partridge tells us: "I was once offered the chance to co-present a programme on national radio. Audience of millions, but blew up spectacularly, my entire contribution being the rustling of paper in the background. I was that bad, I have since burned my copy of the pilot show." Tell us about your big break, and how you messed it up.

(, Thu 3 Apr 2014, 14:22)
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I still don't understand how he managed this one.
The friend who first taught me to photoshop had a long standing desire to emigrate to New Zealand with his family. He also wanted to do what he did best, and mess around with pictures all day long.

So when he was offered a job in New Zealand working for a new film company who were rumoured to be planning a remake of King Kong, I was quite surprised when he said to me that he'd only accept the job if they were definitely doing King Kong. When they told him they couldn't disclose what film they'd be making next, he turned them down.

He's regretted it ever since, as he's always been a big Lord of the Rings geek. Poor bloke.

I ended up working with him a few years later and he was not a happy individual...
(, Thu 3 Apr 2014, 21:55, 14 replies)
Chin up old chap
Jackson's first movies where his finest moments.
(, Thu 3 Apr 2014, 23:50, closed)
I kick arse for the Lord!

(, Fri 4 Apr 2014, 9:54, closed)
Meet The Feebles was SHEER. FUCKING. GENIUS.
(, Fri 4 Apr 2014, 18:59, closed)
He actually sounds like a colossal bell end
"Hello, we'd like to pay you to come to New Zealand and work in the movie industry on special effects."
"Can you promise I'll get to draw pictures of a fucking mahoosive monkey (yes, I know he's an ape)?"
"Fuck you, then."
(, Fri 4 Apr 2014, 9:28, closed)
There is that possibility to be honest
I ended up having to have a word about his attitude when we worked together and we're not in touch any more...
(, Fri 4 Apr 2014, 10:38, closed)
Do you believe any old bullshit your friends tell you?

(, Fri 4 Apr 2014, 10:02, closed)
Do you spend your life insulting people on b3ta?
Isn't that a bit boring?
(, Fri 4 Apr 2014, 10:47, closed)
You know office jobs, right?

(, Fri 4 Apr 2014, 10:51, closed)
Oh yeah
I understand now. b3ta didn't even exist last time I had an office job!

OK Shambolic and brayndedd I get it - you carry on molesting people online if that keeps you sane in the office... poor bastards. I'll think of you next time I'm 'working' in a cafe with a sea view. I'll even get a croissant and smirk a smug smirk especialy for you!
(, Sun 6 Apr 2014, 13:02, closed)
Not particularly boring. It's not like it takes any time or effort.
I mean ... you're here too ... bit odd to start using that as some sort of attack, innit?
(, Fri 4 Apr 2014, 11:25, closed)
I'd find it deathly dull.
I only drop in occasionally here and only if I've actually got something that might be worth saying.
(, Sun 6 Apr 2014, 12:53, closed)
I was offered a job at NASA but I turned it down because they weren't going to Mars.
The fuckers went to the moon instead, and I'm gutted, cuz the moon is awesome.
(, Fri 4 Apr 2014, 10:51, closed)
The moon's shit and you're a cock.

(, Fri 4 Apr 2014, 11:26, closed)
this made me laugh
Dr Shambo bot.....

"(OP object/activity/place)'s shit and you're a cock"
(, Fri 4 Apr 2014, 15:50, closed)

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