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This is a question How I Skive Off Work

Admit it. No one does any work these days. It's all looking at crappy websites with your thumb hanging over alt tab incase the boss walks over. Tell us your best methods of skiving, and any resultant incidents. (Maybe your slacking off has got someone sacked, or resulted in a large scale industrial accident.)

(, Wed 27 Apr 2005, 15:53)
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i am
curantly in an ict lesson at school and hoping the teacher doesnt see me on teh interweb.
it is almost impossible to be not spotted so i devised a cunning plan to stop anyone from paying attention to me.
i throw a werthers original wrapper into the printer on the other side of the room and while everyones trying to fix the "paper jam" i am happily searching the interweb for a new hat.
(, Fri 29 Apr 2005, 9:51, Reply)

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