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This is a question Why will you burn in hell?

Repent ye sinners - Tell us about a dreadful thing you've done that means you'll burn in hell.

(, Thu 12 Jul 2012, 14:02)
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I once got a clip round the ear'ole from my gran for whistling on the Sabbath
and another when I ejaculated a "Jesus" in surprise.

I always assumed that was it, I'd paid the price. Not so sure now.

Other Sabbath infractions include relatively minor 'wearing wellies' and the absolutely heinous 'going fishing'. A crime so severe that a neighbours 6 year old came running out of her house shouting at us to not get into the boat because her mum had told her 'God will kill them'.
(, Sun 15 Jul 2012, 9:50, 3 replies)
Perhaps she would have been all that miffed about ejaculating a Jesus
if you had cleaned it up.
(, Mon 16 Jul 2012, 1:43, closed)
I bet Jesus was pretty fucking surprised too!

(, Mon 16 Jul 2012, 9:57, closed)
For some reason I thought of "The Church Of The Ejaculated Jesus"
Just stand well back from the statue with the stigmata...
(, Mon 16 Jul 2012, 15:13, closed)

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