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This is a question Annoying words and phrases

Marketing bollocks, buzzword bingo, or your mum saying "fudge" when she really wants to swear like a trooper. Let's ride the hockey stick curve of this top hat product, solutioneers.

Thanks to simbosan for the idea

(, Thu 8 Apr 2010, 13:13)
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"That's so random!"
This truly annoys me.

One of the best things I ever saw when I was at school occurred when Mr. Barnett, a curmudgeonly yet quite evidently quite intelligent maths teacher overheard a bunch of chavvy, moronic year 8s describing things as 'random'. Cue a group of slack-jawed kids stood around while Mr. Barnett explained the notion of statistical randomness. It was like Einstein trying to explain himself to a handful of ants.

I still take Mr. Barnett's side on this. It's really annoying.
(, Thu 8 Apr 2010, 21:55, 1 reply)

(, Thu 8 Apr 2010, 22:15, closed)

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