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This is a question Cars

"Here in my car", said 80s pop hero Gary Numan, "I feel safest of all". He obviously never shared the same stretch of road as me, then. Automotive tales of mirth and woe, please.

(, Thu 22 Apr 2010, 12:34)
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I gave Carcraft a big SLAP!
I was a man on a mission. I bought a car from Carcraft back in 2003 with the Peace of Mind Promise of "if anything goes wrong, our warranty covers it!" How wrong I was!

6000 miles later as required on their guarantee, I took the car for a service. A wrath of hell was uncovered. I found out my new shiny pride and joy was actually an over priced wreck! But no problem! Can get her all fixed up and back on the wrong. The dealer told me not to drive the vehicle due to the turbo leaking oil all over the engine and problems with the breaks. So no problem. Told them to liase with Carcraft get it me fixed and I'd be sorted.

Except Carcraft said nooo! "We only cover sudden mechanical breakdowns" They don't cover stuff that is about to break. "But the turbo is leaking all over the engine" "Yes but its still working, so we dont cover it" "So what am I supposed to do? Carry on driving it, until it explodes and then you'll cover it?" "No, because you know about the problem and that would be driver neglect, so we don't cover that"

And so there we had it! MyCarcraftExperience.co.uk was born. And the blog of my events were put up there. Nothing slanderous, just an account of what was going on in my fight to get my car repaired. Carcraft had the audacity to write to my internet service provider to have the site taken down. They wimped out and pulled the site. So I relaunched the site on a norweigan host. So Carcraft wrote to them, who said "Sod off!" which was funny! The site was doing well and drawing in a lot of hits. Some SEO had it high in the list of a "carcraft" search in google. People were writing to me sharing their experiences which I put up on the site. I also did an Interview with my local BBC about my story who aired it on the day they opened their new Leeds branch.

I then get a phone call from the guy who's just under their top guy saying "Right, I've reviewed your claim and we will cover it. I want to get that car back on the road!" And then after 2 months of having no car, a courtesey car turned up. A month later, my car was repaired at no cost to me!

But of course the site still exists, and 7 years later, I am still getting emails from people asking for my help in sorting out various problems with this company. I've also had emails from people who used to work at Carcraft telling me some great secrets from within. I've also heard about people who were sacked for viewing my site at their work. The best thing though, I still get emails from people thanking me for the site being there. They read about my ordeal and others, and decided not to buy a car from there.

I would love to know for the sake of £2,000 repairs my car needed, how many cars they did not sell thanks to me.

Carcraft, You were sh*t, you tried to get out of covering the warranty on my car. You failed. And I gave you a big SLAP! You deserved it!
(, Fri 23 Apr 2010, 13:07, 13 replies)
Oh I like this very much!
Power to the people :D

Nicely done that man!
(, Fri 23 Apr 2010, 13:20, closed)
I love this sort of story
Where a consumer defeats a company that relies on people not knowing their rights. The bigger the company the better.
(, Fri 23 Apr 2010, 13:21, closed)
It really is about knowing your consumer rights. Thats the advice I give to everyone who emails me. Start quoting "Sales of goods acts" at them, and they soon change their tune! :)
(, Fri 23 Apr 2010, 13:48, closed)
I'm chasing Comet atm
over a double range cooker where one of the thermostats has failed (the thing that keeps the valve open once it's lit). That made cooking a large Xmas dinner entertaining.
(, Fri 23 Apr 2010, 14:36, closed)
Well done on you for getting your Accord fixed.

(, Fri 23 Apr 2010, 13:22, closed)
If it was an Accord
he would have crashed into the manager's garden and wheelspun his complaint into the lawn.
(, Fri 23 Apr 2010, 14:37, closed)
Yeah it wasn't an accord :)
(, Sat 24 Apr 2010, 9:15, closed)
consider yourself the recipient
of a virtual high five.
(, Fri 23 Apr 2010, 14:42, closed)
I cannot click "I like this"
...enough times.
(, Fri 23 Apr 2010, 15:49, closed)
Super mega awseome
and I've clicked, but your website is well out of date!
(, Fri 23 Apr 2010, 17:09, closed)
Yeah I know. I havn't continued updating the site...
... I probably should seeing as it still seems to get a lot of traffic :)
(, Sat 24 Apr 2010, 9:15, closed)
Some friends were ejected from Carcraft when they pointed out that it was the female in the party who was buying a car (they assumed it was one of the blokes) and she told the salesman she wasn't ready for pushy sales talk yet.
The guy did them a favour.
(, Fri 23 Apr 2010, 18:26, closed)
Saw on your website
that Carcraft are no more.

That's because they are also owned by the annoying bastards that are webuyanycar.com!
(, Fri 23 Apr 2010, 21:52, closed)

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