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This is a question Cheating cheaty cheats

I'm rubbish at cheating. I was asked to help run a stall at a local fair. We sold squares on a treasure map for 10p a go, with the one closest to the "hidden treasure" winning stuff.

I told my sister where it was. I'd not really thought through how obvious this would be. I've kind of avoided cheating since, what have you cheated at? Confess all, it'll make you feel better.

(, Thu 17 Nov 2005, 10:14)
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I once cheated during a uni exam
it's like this, I was told that the exam was comming, and I was unsure what to do at first, then I had this brilliant idea, and I have never been caught.

First of all, I bought lots of books on the subject, quite a few in fact, and now here's the clever bit, I started to read them! Yes I actually read the books.

I discovered this technique is very effective for cheating at exams, the trick is to memorise as much about the subject as you can, and the answers will be there in your heaad when you need them!
(, Thu 17 Nov 2005, 10:40, Reply)

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